Fabiana Murer


Fast Facts

  • Birthplace:

    Campinas, Brasil

  • Birthdate:

    March 16, 1981

  • Event:

    Pole Vault

  • Personal Best:

    Outdoor: 4.85 meters

    Indoor: 4.83 meters

  • On-Track Shoe:

    Nike Zoom Pole Vault

  • Residence:

    São Paulo, Brasil

Transformative Moment

Becoming the fourth-highest female pole-vaulter of all time while winning gold at the 2010 Ibero-American Championships.

Fabiana Says

My good-luck charm is...

sleep. To feel comfortable and relaxed, I need to sleep.

I’m inspired by...

Sergey Bubka and Ronaldo.

My favorite meal is...

lasagna or barbecue — and chocolate mousse.

On my day off I...

wake up late, go to the swimming pool and sunbathe, go to the movies, do crossword puzzles or go out to dinner.

To relax I...

go to the beach in Bahia or visit my parents in Campinas.

My favorite movie is...

Back to the Future.

I want my legacy to be...

reaching 5.00 meters in the pole vault.

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