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Imagined by director and motion designer Emrah Gonulkirmaz, The Art + Science of Feeling is a sensory exploration into the supernatural performance of Nike Free Hyperfeel, informed entirely by data captured while running with the Nike+ Running App and Nike+ FuelBand.

It begins with a single thread, neutral in state, which over the course of 75 seconds transforms into a complex three-dimensional organism. The form and movement of the thread expresses the narrative of the body in natural motion. There is pace, intensity, explosion, and ultimately calm to Gonulkirmaz’s creation as multiple threads knit together to create a compound structure that encompasses the physical and emotional attributes of the activity. Between competing highs and lows, Gonulkirmaz finds harmony—a precise balance between a runner’s internal monologue and external exertion—forming an intricate, insight-­‐driven documentary of the experience of running.

“I have always been fascinated with the development of digital landscapes informed from insights taken from nature,” said Gonulkirmaz. “This is my exploration into running with Nike Free Hyperfeel, manipulating the statistical data from the peaks and troughs of the run—from quick bursts of speed, to a lulling rest and an all­‐out sprint finish and bringing it to life graphically."

The intricate soundscape, developed in partnership with Studio Cypheraudio, contextualizes this sensory experience from beginning to end.

An unusually long, thin aspect ratio amplifies the linear essence of the film, acknowledging the important role of the single thread—integral to the innovative composition of Nike Flyknit. In its short but explosive life, The Art + Science of Feeling becomes its own unconventional, disruptive and intuitive being—created using the same insights from the human body that created Nike Free Hyperfeel. 

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