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Nike+ Challenges Runners to Run More, Run Faster
July 16, 2012

Nike+ Challenges Runners to Run More, Run Faster

“Game On, World” campaign challenges runners’ personal best

As the Fall race season looms, runners will be able to find extra motivation through Nike+ which combines the world of sport with digital services and experiences for athletes at every level. The newly reengineered Nike+ Running experience motivates runners with insightful and inspirational new features, and broadened access to the NIKE+ community, which has grown to approximately 7 million members since its launch in 2006. The recently launched "Game On, World" campaign challenges all runners to log more miles than ever before as runners around the globe are lacing up and preparing for their big race. Runners can participate in "Game On, World" through “Run this Town,” a running Nike+ game mission inspiring and motivating through a series of missions and challenges. The idea of the game is for challenging runners to log the most miles in their city and dominate the leaderboards.

This Fall, Nike will once again celebrate the sport of running by giving athletes the opportunity to run together with others around the world. Hundreds of thousands will participate in the 3rd annual “Nike We Run Series,” a high-energy running program spanning multiple continents. The 2012 Nike We Run Series will touch more than 30 cities across Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and in South Africa. In the US, more than 20,000 women will participate in the 9th annual Nike Women Marathon in San Francisco, the largest race of its kind and a signature running event celebrating courage and achievement. Each of these events will electrify the local running community, providing runners a chance to challenge themselves, connect with other runners and discover unexplored corners of their city. No matter where the races are, the Nike+ service and experience will empower more runners to track, measure, compare and share their runs across the globe. “Nike running events are about inspiring and connecting runners worldwide,” said Jayme Martin, Vice President, Global Running. “Nike+ creates new ways to compete, race and share, bringing an entirely new running experience to consumers worldwide.” Runners globally now can enjoy access to the world's  largest running club through the redesigned Nike+ Running App for iPhone, brand new Nike+ Running App for Android, faster performance and smarter motivational features through the reengineered, and enhanced social sharing through Facebook Friend tagging – all within the evolving ecosystem of Nike+ Running products, including a new range of colors in the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom, and the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Sportband, Nike+ Running Apps and iPod nano with NIKE+. On the new Nike+ platform, runners can earn NikeFuel, a universal currency providing inspiration, motivation and competition "Game On, World" is the challenge thrown down by Nike in its new campaign, inspired by the latest evolution of Nike+.  It challenges all Nike+ users -- whether running, training or playing basketball -- to create and beat their personal bests. will host the leader boards for the competition, and is the place where athletes come for motivation and inspiration. Each Nike+ experience will be 'measured' by a specific metric. For runners, "Game On, World" will challenge you to log more miles than ever before. For Nike+ FuelBand users the goal will be to beat their NikeFuel goal every single day. For basketball players, they'll want to ‘fly’ like never before and upload their ‘Showcase’ dunk films to show the world their skills. If the obsession to reach your potential drives you to the Nike+ Training experience, the challenge will to beat the NikeFuel score in as many athlete packs as possible.