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Paris-based artist Yué Wu doesn't stay still. Between traveling the world for inspiration, exhibitions and projects, Wu rarely slows down long enough to reflect on how he's turned his passion into a profession. But even when his head is in the clouds, he maintains humility with his feet firmly grounded—and usually dressed in a pair of Air Max.

"My first pair of Air Max that I bought for myself was an Air Max 97," Wu explains. "I went to the shop and they said, 'Okay you can have the shoe, either a size 8 or size 10." 

Neither fit Wu, but that didn't deter him. 

"I was a size 9 at the time and I was like, ‘Whoa, okay. I'm probably going to grow. I'm going to have bigger feet.’ And I wore those, but they were way too big, and my feet never grew. But I was so proud.”

Yue Wu_Air Max_5
Yué Wu

Wu, an avid sneakerhead since that moment, no longer struggles to find his perfect size. On any given day, he can choose from his collection of 500-plus sneakers. 

"Normal people would say I have some disorder," he says. "But it was never meant to be a collection. I just love sport shoes, I love colors and I love shapes."

Yue Wu_Air Max_2

For Wu, the appeal in Air Max mirrors what first drew him to drawing—it’s about self-expression. 

"I have very eclectic taste. As an illustrator and sneaker lover, there's really no one type of shoe that I like to draw," he says, describing the intersection of sketching and sneakers. "But I'd love to draw my own shoe someday and design something different, something new."

In the meantime, Wu evokes his passion for Air Max through illustration. To honor Air Max Day in 2015, he created an animated video highlighting 33 different Air Max models. The countdown ended with the Air Max Zero, which is now available at select Nike retailers and on

On Air Overview

Air Max isn’t just a shoe—it’s a revolution. What started as a performance running solution in 1987 has since evolved into a currency for youth and self-expression. In the lead-up to Air Max Day, Nike will explore the passions of seven Air Max enthusiasts who, despite different latitudes, prove that the language of sneakers is universal.