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Young-Pyo Lee Says Your Voice Matters

Young-Pyo Lee is a football legend. His career spanned more than a decade, during which time he played in Europe and Canada and led his nation to the semifinals with the 2002 South Korea-Japan match.

Lee now lends his voice to encourage the Korea National Football team, aiming for qualification in 2018, and South Korean kids to defy critics. 

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“Talent has to be built, not discovered,” he says. “When you visualize limits, you can picture them as an indestructible wall. When you look at It, you see despair, but when you look again, you realize you have actually knocked that wall down. That’s how I see failure and defeat – those moments can bring you to your knees. But then you realize you have made it and you’ve grown as an athlete and as an individual.” 

This is the second part of Nike’s Just Do It campaign in South Korea, urging kids to play loud and embrace sport as part of an untraditional but powerful path to success. For more information on the campaign, visit