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NikeLab’s Fall 2017 Capsule "Essentials" Collection Retracts to Advance

As the proliferation of tracking apps, predictive algorithms and pioneering A.I. attests, efficiency and productivity have become a collective cultural obsession. While this fixation often focuses on digital devices, at Nike it also comprises the fundamentals of everyday life: apparel that synthesizes advances from the company’s industry-leading materials library with a progressive aesthetic.

NikeLab’s Fall 2017 Capsule "Essentials" Collection Retracts to Advance 70

NikeLab’s Capsule “Essentials” Collection, a 13-piece modular apparel line for women and men, is the latest manifestation of this ongoing exploration. Defined by modern cuts, minimal color palettes, strategic ventilation and engineered knit and woven fabrics, it anticipates the fluid needs of today’s active, non-stop lifestyles. And similar to the digital platforms developed to maximize time, the holistic collection contains only the essentials.

“We pushed the design lines and materials to deliver this premium expression for women, keeping the color palette  directional and focusing on only the most essential silhouettes in her closet,” says Johanna Schneider, Senior Design Director for Nike Women’s Sportswear Apparel.

The women’s collection, which spans running, training and lifestyle demands, includes 9 garments with clean lines and statement silhouettes. Designed to effortlessly mix and pair according to personal pursuits, individual style and climate requirements, the assortment includes adaptable layers and versatile anchors, such as the Women’s Crop Tank, a seamless, breathable knit base layer and the Wide-Leg Pant, which showcases performance fleece, a high waist and side-vent zippers to a conceal-reveal effect.

“All the pieces in the collection are breathable, lightweight and flexible,” says Jamie Lee, NikeWomen Senior Training Apparel Design Director. “They’re meant to be layered to give a strong style dimension and do so without sacrificing the individual performance benefits or style for women.”

The men’s collection pares the basics back even further, offering four indispensible garments. Together, the Men’s Short-Sleeve Top, Pullover Hoodie, Powerflex Pants and Jacket create a flexible, all-day uniform.

NikeLab’s Capsule Collection is now available at and in NikeLab stores. The women’s collection will also feature as an exclusive partnership with Net-a-Porter.  

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