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NBRO is a Copenhagen-based running crew for “passionate runners with a thing for sneakers and social get-togethers.” Its members make up a sundry cross-section of a city renowned for its colorful culture and vibrant life, aspects NBRO takes advantage of daily – or, more accurately, nightly. Here, NBRO co-founder Jacob Ørholm reflects upon the crew’s origin and ethos.

Crew Life

We started NBRO five years ago because we wanted to meet other young runners in the city. Originally there were 50 members and now more than 500 meet up weekly. You can call it a version of urban running, but at the beginning we tried to avoid traffic lights and stuff like that. Now we’ve found a lot of routes without any stops, and we can go up to 25Ks through parks and spare ground. And we’re just having fun. We’re the biggest crew and also the fastest. This pushes me. I am motivated by running with my competitors, who are also my friends.

The Common Denominator

Everyone comes from different worlds, but we have one little thing in common: running, which allows us to find other things in common. We can get a large pool of knowledge and cultural involvement. It’s not only city people who meet in the disco and club. You can find people who work for all branches of the community.

Why I Run NBRO

Run Hard, Play Hard

My philosophy is that running has to be combined with your total life, not just because you want to lose weight or something. It has to be balanced, and that’s a big problem for people between the ages of 20 and 30 in the city, because they only run around the lakes, not meeting people. At NBRO, they talk and then meet people after and have a good time. The combination is important. We don’t want to lose the city. People say, “Oh, why don’t you move to the country?” But our first priority is the cultural life. That’s how we find one another, in the city having a good time and then we arrange to meet up Monday and go for a run — and we always have a big party after a big run.

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