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Mo in LunarEpic Low Flyknit

I started running when I was eight. My father was a great orienteering running enthusiast and I inherited his joy for running in the forest. Two times a week, we would run our specific training route in the suburban neighborhood-fields-forest area where I was born, and every weekend we would get up super early in the morning and drive to a forest far away, where an orienteering run would be hosted. I would lay on the backseat of the car with a blanket and sleep until we were there, and curse when the car stopped. But once I got up and got my map and my compass and inhaled in the fresh air of the forest, I would feel alive again. Those are all very dear memories to me.

I think running with high ambitions from an early age helped me to be ambitious in life. It taught me to work hard, not to stop, not to give up but to keep pushing. Now when I run, I relax and let my head go. In my work I'm always in my head, always focused. That's great, but sometimes you need a break to function. Going for a run, especially in the nature, is the greatest break I can give myself. I like the sound of the forest, the wind on an open field or even the rain. Running in nature recharges me in a way nothing else can, setting my mind back to zero and renewing my creativity and optimism.

That’s why I admire people who can balance a busy career with health and exercise. As I see it, those two things shouldn't be without each other — they have to go hand in hand in order for you to fully function. But still, I definitely see and feel how it can be hard when you live a busy life in the fast lane, in different time zones, with changing work hours. Therefore, I admire people who keep themselves in balance. 

Even though I have been running all my life, I have never run a marathon or even a half marathon. So that's definitely a goal for me.

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