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David Munoz

When I opened my restaurant DiverXO, I stopped practicing sports and put on almost 70 pounds. A chef´s life and mine, particularly — since I have to try everything before serving it — is not as good as it should be in terms of eating. You start at 9am and finish at 12pm; you try 80 different dishes. And if you don´t have a minute to sit down and have a proper dinner, when you arrive home you eat all the food that you couldn´t eat throughout the day. I slept worse, I was tired, anxiety was killing me…and suddenly I realized that one of the things I was missing in my life was sport.

The first time I went running after gaining weight was very strange. I´ve always been a slim person, but I could feel my body, my chest, my belly bobbling. I decided to keep running because the feeling you get with sports is spectacular.

A lot of times I´m thinking to myself: I´m very tired, I have to stop, I can´t make it any farther. And it´s true, but when I commit to something, I never give up. When I set a goal, it may take me more time to achieve it but I never give up.

I don´t have a running routine. I go out at different hours, different days, with a different pace and different training plans. If it´s my free day, I might go to the Casa de Campo, in the outskirts of Madrid, and take a run there along its perimeter. It’s around 22km, there´s a lot of nature and you´re far from the city, so the feeling of freedom gets multiplied.  

If I’m not running with my wife or with a Nike+ Run Club, I prefer to do it on my own and listen to different types of music, namely electronic music, house music, disco music. I’ll think about the physical effort and how to handle that effort. I don´t go out to have a short run, I go out to push myself to the limit, to suffer. I always manage that effort with my mind and my body, it makes me euphoric. In fact, my best creative moments and important decisions have taken place not when I was running but just after having stopped. Running has actually changed my life. I feel capable of organizing everything better, my brain goes faster and my creativity flows in a totally different way.

Running on a regular basis will only bring you positive things: positive moods and feelings. It all adds up to enjoying life much more; that´s enough reason for going out to run. Besides, I met my wife, Cristina running. It was at Nike in Madrid. Our first date was for going out for a run. That´s where it all began, so there you have another reason for me being so fond of running.

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