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Why I Run: Angel and Dren
November 03, 2016

Why I Run: Angel and Dren

DJ/Producer duo and twins, Angel and Dren, discuss their passion for running and what role it plays in their lives.

Angel: Growing up, we were so competitive and raced each other all the time. As twins, people are always comparing us to each other and asking questions such as, “who is faster?” We were the captains of our middle school cross-country team and I enjoyed running on a team, but I also enjoyed running for myself and for a purpose –  to win. I didn’t like if anyone was in front of me, especially getting close to the finish line.

Dren: We played different sports growing up, but we really enjoyed running and ran loops around the city for practice. We are from New York – specifically the Bronx – where there is not much greenery so I really enjoyed running near our school in a more suburban area on trails. What I really like about running is being able to disconnect from things like my phone and being around a ton of people, especially since we are always performing at events. It’s nice to have some time to myself and collect my thoughts. I try to run at least three times a week and sometimes run a power mile to see just how fast I can run it, and how much I can push myself.  

Angel: When I run, I listen to music. It’s the perfect way for me to listen to new songs and find new music to play at events. As a DJ, it’s hard to keep a routine when the schedule is always changing and the nights go late. I might have two hours to jog or only twenty minutes where I can fit in a quick run. Running is a personal journey for everyone and you can do it leisurely, or you can get competitive with it. I run to stay active and that always motives me. Every run, I always try to push myself. The hardest part for me is when I want to stop, I really try to go a half mile past that point and extend what I’m able to do. That is important for me in every run.

Dren: The thing about running is that it’s not just about running, it’s much bigger than that. Running is a gateway into accomplishing bigger things in life and it starts with setting goals. The structure of running has changed my mindset and inspired me to get out and do other things that are great. Running has impacted me the most with my diet. If I go out for a run, I am not going to want to eat unhealthy after my run.

Angel: Running is a great way to push yourself and set your own goals. You do not necessarily have to be professionally trained to run — if you work at it, a 10-minute jog now can turn into a 30-minute jog in a couple of weeks. Everyone should get out there.