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Nike ClassPass Partnership Promotes Training Variety

Through the Nike Run Club (NRC) and Nike Training Club (NTC) apps, Nike serves millions of NikePlus members globally with the ability to customize training plans for 5Ks to marathons, 20 audio-guided runs, 160 training workouts and adaptive coaching from some of the world’s best running coaches and trainers. And, with more than 8,500 partners in 50 cities worldwide, fitness app ClassPass offers its members access to local in-person classes, including yoga, cycling, Pilates, barre, running, strength training, dance, conditioning and more. 

Nike thought by combining these communities and services, it could give athletes access to the best of both of workout worlds.

What the Nike-ClassPass Partnership Means for You 1

"ClassPass is grounded in physical wellness and community, which is aligned with Nike’s ethos,” says Eric Wood, Nike's VP of Digital Partnerships. “We already provide access to sport and fitness through our NTC and NRC apps, and now this partnership will provide access to in-person training experiences to help our NikePlus members reach their performance goals."

There are a few ways to score ClassPass credits through NikePlus membership, including running miles in the NRC app or completing workouts in the NTC app (for example, anyone who recently completed 15 yoga workouts in the NTC app earned free ClassPass credits) and gearing up via the Nike app with the latest training essentials (recently, the purchase of a sports bra unlocked credits) and more.

“We’re giving NikePlus members class credits to spend in our app however they’d like, hoping they’ll discover a passion for something new, and maybe even push them out of their comfort zone,” says ClassPass CMO Joanna Lord.

Here’s how you can benefit by the new opportunity Nike is creating with ClassPass.

Boost your motivation

“Half the battle of training is psychological. But doing fun things you normally wouldn’t do can combat that by making training feel fresh and interesting,” says Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Performance Training at Nike. When you take advantage of the Nike-ClassPass partnership, you’ll have the opportunity to try new classes, which can keep you motivated to work out. Flaherty suggests trying something different each week.

Pass through plateaus

Humans adapt to physical stress, meaning your body gets used to repeated movement patterns and training loads, making them feel easier after a while — and eventually stalling results, Flaherty explains. In order to outsmart that, you need to switch things up every six to eight weeks. “It’s easy to get stuck in a routine but using ClassPass credits can add the variety and new stimulus your body needs to progress,” he says.

Create a smart training plan

“A great goal is to work out three times a week, which is easy using both Nike and ClassPass,” says Flaherty. “On Monday, you could use the NTC app for 30 to 60 minutes of high-intensity strength training. Wednesday, do a guided run on the NRC app. Friday, use ClassPass for a yoga or dance class — or anything you find fun.” A training schedule similar to this allows you to hit all three of your body’s energy systems each week, ensuring a well-rounded program.

Nail your form

NRC and NTC apps give you the option to train anytime and anywhere, and that convenience is key. But getting in-person feedback from an instructor in a live class can help you improve your technique and form, which will make your NRC and NTC workouts even more effective. “Even elite athletes have coaches and trainers. That’s because learning proper form is so important,” says Flaherty. “Plus, a class setting can stoke your competitive fire, encouraging you to push yourself a little more, which is something you can apply to your Nike app workouts even when you don’t have a trainer there watching you.”

Keep logging workouts in the NRC and NTC apps and looking for more chances on the Nike app to unlock access to classes near you through ClassPass and the Nike App.

This partnership is just one part of the exclusive new perks available with a NikePlus membership and the Nike App. Though initially available only in the United States, this is just the beginning: More exciting roll outs from Nike and ClassPass will be announced in the future.