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NikeFuel is at the heart of the Nike+ experience, and is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities — from a morning workout, and afternoon run, to any active movement throughout the day. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter age, weight or gender, NikeFuel is built to measure a user’s active life.

With over 30 million Nike+ members, athletes of all levels are using NikeFuel across the Nike+ ecosystem to measure and improve their performance through products and services including the Nike+ Running App for iOS and Android, the Nike+ FuelBand SE, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS and the Nike+ Training Club App.

The real power of NikeFuel is in the quality of the motivation and feedback provided to the athlete throughout their active day. Once an athlete really knows what they're achieving on a daily basis, and the key factors influencing that performance, they can then make better informed decisions to improve.

The Nike+ ecosystem continues to expand through the Nike+ Fuel Lab and tech industry partnerships. By integrating NikeFuel into these companies’ products, over 100 million potential new athletes will be able to use NikeFuel to measure, motivate and improve. These partnerships will give athletes a common universal currency to monitor and evaluate their many forms of activity.

“We are excited about evolving NikeFuel to deliver richer experiences that make it easier for all athletes to reach their potential,” said Stefan Olander, Nike’s Vice President/GM of Nike+. “The demand for simpler data-powered experiences is soaring, and all-day sensing is more available on mobile and wearable devices than ever before. Nike is committed to broadening the use of NikeFuel through collaborations with industry leaders to create smarter products and services.”

The Science of NikeFuel

NikeFuel is a proprietary measurement, calculated by tracking movement patterns and physiological responses. Using a sensor – like an accelerometer, heart rate strap or GPS device – NikeFuel links those patterns to a known energy measure for that activity, such as oxygen consumption.

The NikeFuel Science team – comprised of exercise physiologists and biomechanists – are constantly refining and improving the science behind the NikeFuel algorithm.

The goal is not only to perfect the accuracy and consistency of the metric, but also to tune NikeFuel for the performance needs of different athletes. As the use of NikeFuel expands with the growth of the Nike+ ecosystem, the data set grows exponentially, and NikeFuel algorithms get smarter and more accurate every day.

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