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USA 2016 National Men and Women’s Soccer Kits

The United States Men and Women’s National Teams unveil new home and away kits ahead of a momentous summer of soccer, in which the men’s team hosts Copa America Centenario and the women’s team defends gold in Rio. The classic white and bold black themes of the respective kits blend symbols of the country’s mounting soccer heritage with cutting-edge Nike AeroSwift technology that enables on-pitch focus by reducing distractions. The kits also proudly feature the new United States Soccer Federation crest, which consists of a modernized shield with “USA” in a new navy blue font, above a series of vertical red and white stripes.

USA Home Kit

The new men’s home shirt features a traditional white body and blue sleeves. On the chest, engineered knit zones create a geometric pattern that enhances fit, with smaller mesh shapes at the bottom of the graphic. The women’s shirt also features a modern white V-neck collar with a red trim at the back.

Sp16 Na Sccr Mntk Home Crest 6914 V1
Sp16 Na Sccr Mntk Home Sleeve 6972 V1
Sp16 Na Sccr Wntk Home Sleeve 6357
Sp16 Na Sccr Wntk Home Crest 6321

Odes to national pride appear on both the interior and exterior of both shirts. “1 Nation” and “1 Team” adorn the inside cuffs while the inside of the body reveals a circular graphic with “USA” in the center surrounded by the motivational statements “We Can,” “We Will,” “We Are,” “1 Nation” and “1 Team.” These statements refer to an inspirational tweet by fan Meghan Brennan that was displayed on the wall of the USMNT’s dressing room before its famous victory over Ghana in Brasil.  

The sides of both the men and women’s kits feature red stripes that run the length of the shirt and white shorts. Expanding when the player is in motion, the stripes maximize ventilation and reveal a flash of underlying white.

New white NikeGRIP socks with a linear blue graphic on the calf highlight the most dynamic part of the footballer’s body, the lower legs, to accentuate speed. They also pair with new Nike Hyperstrong Match Sleeves. Modified to today’s game, the new sleeve incorporates additional ankle reinforcements and protection pads in high-risk areas, without inhibiting agility. 


USA Away Kit

The USWNT and USMNT wear identical away kits in 2016, complete with sleek black body and contrasting patriotic arms — a red sleeve on the right and a blue sleeve on the left. The sides of the kit introduce a black stripe that runs the length of the shirt and short. Expanding when the player is in motion, it maximizes ventilation and reveals flashes of red on the right side and flashes of blue on the left side.

Sp16 Na Sccr Mntk Away Crest 7273 V1
Sp16 Na Sccr Mntk Away Back Neck 7420 V2
Sp16 Na Sccr Wntk Away Back Neck 5980 V1
Sp16 Na Sccr Wntk Away Crest 5772 V1

The away socks are black, with a red linear graphic on the back of the right sock and a blue linear graphic on the left.


2016 USA home and away kits are available beginning March 22 at and select retailers. They will debut on-pitch March 25, when the USMNT takes on Guatemala; the USWNT will wear them for the first time April 6, when they face Colombia.

Nike AeroSwift Technology

The most technologically advanced kits to date, Nike Vapor Kits with AeroSwift technology are 10% lighter, with 50% more stretch than the kits they replace. They employ a new, textured high-performance yarn that wicks sweat from the skin 20% faster than Nike’s most recent football kits, while also drying 25% faster. Additionally, both the shirt and shorts are constructed using a new knitting process that integrates single and double knit to enhance breathability, stretch, and fit.

Commitment to Sustainability

Nike leverages sustainable innovation for its football kits through the use of recycled polyester, delivering unrivaled performance and lower environmental impact.

The kit’s shirt and shorts are constructed with recycled polyester fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles melted down to produce a fine yarn.

Each kit is made using approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has diverted more than three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester, enough to cover about 5,200 football pitches.