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Nike Celebrates the UConn Huskies 91 Straight Wins


The UConn Women's basketball adds to its incomparable legacy tonight, defeating SMU 88-48 en route to a record 91st consecutive victory. The win makes this streak the longest in NCAA basketball history. 


To celebrate this moment, members of the team will receive a commemorative pack equipped with the Kyrie 3 "Grey" colorway and shirt honoring the 91-0 record.


WNBA star Breanna Stewart, who played a central role in a segment of the Huskies’ current run, shares her insider insight into the success of the program.

What does it mean to play for UConn and to be a part of such a dynasty?
Making the decision to play for UConn was one of the best choices I've ever made. We are more than a dynasty, we are a family and I'm so happy and proud of my teammates and coaches who have continued the streak.

Are there certain things you learned while playing at UConn that you have kept with you and channel in your professional games now?
The biggest thing that I have learned that I continue to instill in my professional career is how hard you always have to work to reach your goals and to separate yourself from others. At UConn, we do things differently and have a different culture compared to everyone else, that's what makes us the best.

Describe Coach Auriemma. What’s his mindset like and how has he done such an amazing job year after year to always put the team in a position to not only win, but become the best?
Coach Auriemma is a high intensity guy. He has said so many times that he no longer cares about the wins, but making sure that every player leaves better than when they got to UConn, both on a personal and professional level. When he puts that kind of pressure on himself to help you reach your goals and potential, you don't want to let him down.

While at UConn, how did you approach each game, knowing you were striving for something special?
Practices were always made to be harder than games at UConn. So when it was game time we took it upon ourselves to show how much we have improved from the last game and trying to complete the perfect game. It is impossible but we like to try to accomplish the impossible.

What do you think this moment means for the players on the current roster?
Matching the 90 game streak and now putting themselves in a class of their own means a lot to the team. Many them have been a part of something special before while at UConn, but this is different. It's a surreal feeling that will connect a group for the rest of their lives. Every game is a building block for March and being as prepared as possible to go after a National Championship. But moments like this, you have to sit back and realize what has been accomplished and try and live in the moment just a little extra.

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