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Training as a Team: The Fearless Crew’s Total Body Burn N+TC Workout

For winter sports athletes, fear is not an option.

Ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson shows no fear when she’s screaming down a takeoff ramp and launching herself into the winter night. Nor does Silje Norendal as she navigates a snowboarding slopestyle course or Cai Xuetong as she drops into a halfpipe.

These winter Olympians can afford to be daring because they’ve trained their entire lives to stare fear in the face. Beginning in November, the trio will show some of the ways it prepares for competition when the Fearless Crew’s Total Body Burn Workout launches on the Nike+ Training Club App.

The 12-minute workout features six drills, including reverse mountain climbers, bench toe touches and front cross jumping jacks. It is a high intensity workout designed to increase endurance and build strength throughout the body, especially in the athlete’s legs and core.

Sarah Hendrickson

Sarah Hendrickson

Cai Xuetong

Cai Xuetong

Silje Norendal_2

Silje Norendal

“What I love about the workout is that it targets all of the muscles in your body, including your heart,” Hendrickson says. “It’s a challenging workout, but one that can perfectly fit into even the busiest of days.”

Norendal, Hendrickson and Cai compete in different sports and for different countries. But they each see the benefits of training with a crew.

Fearless Crew_5
The Fearless Crew's Total Body Burn N+TC Workout

“I really like if I have a coach or a friend next to me who can yell at me to keep me going,” Norendal says. “I feel like you get a lot more out of a workout if you train with someone because then that friend can say, ‘Come on, come on, just do one more’ when you want to quit. So you’ll do that extra squat because you have your friend or coach there motivating you.”

The Fearless Crew’s Total Body Burn Workout arrives on the N+TC App Nov. 3. Users will also be able to shop the athlete looks, which include Nike Pro Hyperwarm apparel, on

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