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The Year in Nike Films

In 2015, athletes the world over demonstrated the power of sport to change lives via seminal victories, like the U.S. Women’s National team achieved with a world championship win, and daily activities, as legions of teens in South Korea and thousands of runners in Brasil demonstrated. Nike’s top films of the year promoted this force on screen, urging viewers to push harder and further – through natural elements, personal excuses and inevitable setbacks.

Snow Day

“Snow day?” “Snow day.” Even a blizzard can’t stop world-class Nike athletes — including American football players Rob Gronkowski and Ndamukong Suh, top basketballers Elena Delle Donne and Draymond Green, and boxer Marlen Esparza, amongst others — as they face off in a fierce, fun game of football on an impromptu field of freshly fallen snow. Marking the kick off of Nike’s #GetOutHere campaign, the video demonstrates what happens when bad weather meets protective performance gear. 

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American Woman

When the members of the U.S. Women’s National Team train, they sweat — they play hard and fast, and stretch themselves to their limits. Individually, they exude strength. Together, they are unstoppable. This is the message of “American Woman,” launched in early June as part of Nike Soccer’s #NoMaybes campaign, in anticipation of the team’s championship performance in Canada and as a motivating message to players around the world. 

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Bajo PresiĆ³n

A testament to the powerful incentive of expectations, “Bajo Presión,” which means “under pressure” in Spanish, reviews the Argentinean national rugby team’s past on-paddock battles, namely its inability to advance past third place in its ultimate seven global tournaments. Grueling images of the team in action are accompanied by original audio of a historic speech by the Puma’s legendary former captain Agustín Pichot. 

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The toga party in the 1978 film “Animal House” features Otis Day and the Knights performing the song “Shout,” and through the years it has gained notoriety as the ultimate touchstone of co-ed college fun. What’s less known is that the film produced an athletic tradition at the University of Oregon, where “Animal House” was filmed: Ducks fans still dance to “Shout” between the third and fourth quarters of every home game. To celebrate this enduring relationship, Nike staged a re-enactment of the toga scene, starring notable U of O athletes and alumni, including decathlon world-record holder Ashton Eaton, distance runner Galen Rupp, former football players Ahmad Rashad and Dan Fouts, actor Ty Burrell, the infamous Duck and many others. 

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Nike Hypervenom II - The Neymar Jr. Effect, A Virtual Reality Experience

Footballers worldwide, of all generations, aspire to the scene-stealing, surreal skills of Neymar Jr. Nike united this reality with the Nike Hypervenom II’s tagline, “Deceptive by nature,” enabling viewers to engage in a once-in-lifetime virtual-reality experience that placed them inside the famous player’s boots.

Just Do It: South Korea

Nike invited teens from Seoul, South Korea, to expand their vision of success beyond academics to incorporate sports by offering them free activities, including football, basketball and running. Over 9,800 young athletes answered the call to move, and a number of the participants also recounted the important role sports play in their lives. A selection of these narratives are revealed in this “Just Do It” spot. 

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“Last,” launched at the head of the fall marathon season, champions those who, despite challenges, put their best foot forward. Running, after all, is an imperfect sport. Very few runners collect celebrated victories, but all persevere, fortified by the knowledge that individual wins equate personal gains that anyone can claim; all they have to do is run. 

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Corre Junto

Vem Junto, an online platform launched in October, invites Brasilian athletes to design runs based on their passions and personal causes. To underscore the power of the movement, which has already engaged over 6,000 individuals across Brasil, and encourage others to join, Nike created the film “Corre Junto,” or “Run Together.” The spot includes some of Brasil’s biggest athletes, including Neymar Jr. (football), Anderson Varejão (basketball), Fabiana Murer (pole vault), Luan Oliveira (skateboarding), Fernando Fernandes (Paralympic canoe) and Ana Claudia Lemos (sprinter). They run alongside celebrities such as Brasilian singer Seu Jorge and top model Izabel Goulart. 

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Just Do It: Argentina

Set to the mandate of “a mover el culo,” this Argentinian Just Do It campaign film urges athletes of all levels to see obstacles as inspiration and competitors' hecklings as incentive. Whether it's footballers battling back after an opponent’s goal, boxers fielding a right hook or skateboarders attempting a trick, “Better Under Pressure” demonstrates how to channel a moment's failure into future success. 

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Bring Your Game

"Bring Your Game" explores the unique ways seven of Nike Basketball's finest athletes — Kobe Bryant, Elena Delle Donne, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James — prepare for success. These singular formulas include fishing, studying philosophy, incessant dribbling and even eating kale cake. While the film’s vignettes are comic, the individuals are real. Each player is carving out his or her distinct lane in a basketball renaissance, a bold era in which on-court triumphs seamlessly blend off-court interests. And while the diversity makes picking a favorite athlete difficult, finding excitement in hoops has never been easier. 

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