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The Voice of the Athlete: Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins’ 2015 campaign ended far too early — the Dallas standout tore her ACL in just the ninth game of the season. But if there’s anyone who can battle back from the injury, it’s the Indiana native. Diggins is known for her intensity and hard work, which she’ll rely on to make herself even stronger for 2016. 

Skylar Diggins in the Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Parka

I’m very competitive. Cards, checkers, bowling...the list goes on and on. I'm trying to win. Sometimes I have to remember that when we're at family functions that, "We're here to have fun, Sky — don’t get competitive." 

I want to push myself to a limit that I may not have known I had. I want to try and discover that limit. I'm always looking to do one more rep or go for one more minute or ten more seconds, just to see how far I can go. Can I make two more baskets like that, with those difficult finishes? Can I make all those other shots? Can I make 25 free throws in a row, only hitting net?

I love pressure. I think the great thing about pressure is that it can make diamonds or it can burst pipes. It shows you, in the face of adversity, what type of person you are. I love a challenge and I love seeing how far I can go.

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I was taught the value of giving back at a very young age. My dad is a director of a few recreational centers in South Bend, [Indiana] and, growing up, I had to share him with thousands of kids. His generous spirit and mentality were contagious from a young age. I got that from my stepdad, too. He taught me the importance of working hard and that when you become successful and can give back make sure that you do.

Any opportunity I have to visit schools or work with children, I take — and I take it very seriously. I am a role model and am someone in the public eye. I know that people and children are looking at me. How can I impact somebody's life?

Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Parka

There's so much fake in the world. People are fake cool; people are around you telling you anything you want to hear, anything they think you want. And for me, I just want to remain genuine. I want to be somebody who was approachable, somebody who worked hard, a woman who gave back, who embodied femininity and the beauty-and-the-beast mentality. A hardworking basketball player, but so much more than that. And I think that, as I continue to grow older and take advantage of different opportunities, I'll be evolving forever.

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