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The Nike SB Skate App: An App Above All Others

These days there’s no escaping the quote heard round the world; “There’s an app for that.” Finally there is an app that provides an innovative take on the future of skateboarding, taking the once fiercely local sport, to a global stage.

Fully iOS7 compatible, the Nike SB Skate App gives the user a truly innovative experience. Pro riders like Sean Malto, Paul Rodriguez, Alex Olson, Brain Anderson, Cory Kennedy, Lance Mountain, Omar Salazar, Shane O’Neill, Stefan Janoski, and Theotis Beasley are more available than ever—allowing users to interact and emulate the world’s top skaters. The new app gives young athletes the chance to learn directly from the pros they idolize and receive real-time tips on how to master key skills.

Features like multi-angle tilt-to-play video, YouTube dynamic uploading and streaming, gamification, Trick Tree, and the game of S.K.A.T.E., are all packaged in a 40-megabite-memory footprint, leaving space for music, photos and whatever else to be stored on your phone.

Multi-angle video:

The app leverages the iPhone’s accelerometer enabling multi-angle, multi-speed videos featuring Nike SB riders performing tricks from the basics and beyond. This gives users an unprecedented view of a trick and allows them to learn like never before. 

Dynamic Uploading and Streaming:

Another never been done feature, the Nike SB App’s UGC video, does not live natively on the app, but is dynamically uploaded and streamed from the app’s YouTube page. This enables the app to be small in size, increases social shareability, and provides a natural app extension to the Nike SB App’s own Youtube page.

Game of S.K.A.T.E.:

The app’s Game of S.K.A.T.E. platform enables consumers to randomly challenge anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world, connecting a virtual community of skaters.

Trick Tree:

The Trick Tree is a virtual index cataloging the taxonomy of skate tricks, allowing you to track, show-off, and catalogue every trick in your arsenal and giving you visibility to everyone else’s. 


No other app tracks your skating progress like the Nike SB App. Based on the user’s Trick Tree executions, Pro Challenge completions, game of S.K.A.T.E. victories, and overall app engagement, badges are awarded and represent the user’s development within the app.

The Nike SB Skate App is available globally for free on iTunes®. Download the app here.