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The Nike Roshe Flyknit Reimagined

As unique as the individuals who wear them, each new Nike Roshe Flyknit shoe is one-of-a-kind.

Nike designers achieved the dynamic style by threading together 12 colors of excess yarn — left on spools from other Nike Flyknit models — in random order to craft the shoe uppers. 

“The knit upper on the Nike Roshe Flyknit is truly one-of-a-kind – no two shoes are exactly alike,” says Graeme McMillan, Nike Roshe Flyknit Designer.

As every shoe is unique, each half pair will be distinct from the other.

More with Less

The Nike Roshe epitomizes simplicity, using only what is truly necessary. It has no embellishments, only the basic shoe necessities that provide breathability and ultra-lightweight cushioning for all occasions. 

In perfect harmony with the efficient Nike Roshe design, Nike Flyknit technology creates shoe uppers precisely engineered to provide support where it’s needed while reducing waste in the manufacturing process.

“At its essence, the Nike Roshe was an exercise in reductive design – it’s very minimal in the number of pieces and components compared to traditional sneakers,” says McMillan. “The efficiency associated with Flyknit tied into the ethos of what the Nike Roshe stands for.”

The limited edition Nike Roshe Flyknit will be available Oct. 4 on and at select Nike Sportswear retailers. 

Additional Nike Roshe Flyknit styles will be available Nov. 11 on and at select Nike Sportswear retailers.