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The Nike Plus Size Collection


Athletes have a desire to get the best fit and function in their apparel. They also want to feel good. This is why Nike is delivering the most robust range of sizes for women in more colors and styles than ever before. From a 1X to 3X, Nike’s expanded Plus Size collection is crafted to ensure the perfect fit at every size. 

Nike’s Plus Size Collection is available now on and in select retailers in North America and Western Europe.

Paloma elesser 2 3 native 1600
“In a way, I wear a uniform – clothes that make me feel good. I also surround myself with people who make me happy, motivate me and make me feel happy about life.” – Paloma Elesser, Athlete and Style Muse.
Grace1 native 1600
"Positive body image and self confidence is something I advocate, not just for me personally but for every woman and young girl, no matter what their size. It's about time real bodies are celebrated.” – Grace Victory
Danielle nike  7 native 1600
"It's really important that women, no matter their size feel confident & able to work out in garments that suit their personalities and needs.” - Danielle Vanier
Amanda bingson 2 3 native 1600
“Beauty is definitely decided by you and how you feel about yourself. I’m blessed to feel confident and be surrounded by the right people.” – Amanda Bingson, Hammer Thrower.

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