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The Chance: Last chance to impress as Final 26 play at Mini Estadi

The best 26 players from the Final 100 played a ‘final’ game at Barcelona’s impressive reserve team stadium, Mini Estadi, under the scrutiny of the Nike Elite Scouts and coaching team as they look to select the final 16 players for the training tour and ultimately a place on the Nike Academy.

The match was played in three sets of 30 minutes as the young footballers took their final chance to make their mark on the competition and win a place in the Final 16.

And Howard Webb, the celebrated English match official, refereed the game in the Spanish sunshine.  He commented: “The quality of the performances were high and I hope to meet some of these players again in a few years when they are playing in the professional game.

“All of the Final 26 players, although under pressure to have a good game and playing with passion and determination, were disciplined out there and that is an important characteristic required if young footballers want to make it at the highest level.”  

The winning 16 players will live the life of an elite footballer and train at the best facilities around the world under the watchful eyes of club coaches and scouts, a golden chance to get noticed and potentially win a professional contract.