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The Nike Metcon 2 gets a new spring look, inspired by Rory McIlroy’s training journey and the year’s first golf Major.

Renowned for his dogged work ethic — dating back to childhood days — Rory McIlroy puts in hard work on the course and also views moments off the course as an opportunity to improve, rather than relax.

Notably, this diligence includes cross training: running, cutting, jumping and weight lifting to gain muscle endurance, strength and speed. "Ever since I started to get into strength and conditioning, it has not only improved my golf game but also helped prevent injury,” confirms McIlroy. 



For his in-gym moves, McIlroy relies on the Nike Metcon 2. Known for its strength and stability, the shoe enables him to tackle a range of activities, from lifts and squats to core and balance work, all integral to his success. “Good posture and reliable core stability ultimately improve my swing and make me more consistent,” McIlroy attests. "I like to keep a workout routine for at least six to eight weeks before changing it up. Recently, I’ve started to add some speed and strength-specific training to get more explosive."


McIlroy will display his hard-earned strength at the first Major of the year, where springtime azaleas will also be in full bloom. “The mental and physical strength I build throughout the year helps me to not only concentrate and visualize where I want the ball to go but also to have the power and explosiveness to then hit that shot,” he explains.


The ways an athlete trains are as varied as the reasons why. They run, jump, cut and lift, which is why training shoes offer performance and versatility — from top to bottom. The uppers support rapid lateral changes of direction, while the outsole is flexible and cushioned for running comfort. They provide a low, stable platform to anchor lifts, and deliver energy in the forefoot to power explosive training moves and jumps.