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Statement on Uzbekistan cotton production

Nike takes very seriously reports of widespread use of forced child labor in Uzbekistan cotton production. We do not knowingly source cotton from Uzbekistan.

Nevertheless, we are taking action on two fronts:

1. Because global cotton markets are highly complex and difficult to trace with certainty, we are currently exploring ways to increase traceability across our cotton supply chain to verify that no Uzbek cotton is unknowingly entering our supply chain. This is an important next step for Nike and the industry in obtaining greater visibility to the conditions under which cotton used in our products is grown.

2. Nike is participating in a US-based multi-stakeholder network, comprised of brands, industry groups, investors, trade unions, and NGOs aimed at eliminating the practice of forced child labor in Uzbekistan cotton production. We believe this group can play a critical role in communicating with stakeholders in Uzbekistan, including the government and the private sector, so that they are aware of our collective concern with ending this practice.