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Sean Malto on Go Skateboarding Day

Debuting in 2004, Go Skateboarding Day (June 21) has grown from small skate sessions in Southern California to a global celebration embraced by skateboarders of all ages and skill levels. The day’s mission is simple: to encourage athletes to get out and skate — a charge Nike SB pro Sean Malto promotes, and lives up to every day.

On Go Skateboarding Day’s significance… It's so awesome that no matter who you are or what you're doing or what your actual job is, you can come together with other skateboarders and share your love for the sport. I skate every day and a lot of skateboarders skate as much as they possibly can. But it's still nice to have a day when we can all high-five and recognize how amazing skateboarding is.

On Go Skateboarding Day’s mission… Skating has always provided balance in my life — mentally, physically, emotionally. When I get out and skate, that day turns into a good day. Also, as in any sport, you can lose things quickly. You lose tricks, you lose confidence. So it’s good to skate every day to stay polished and on top of your game – to keep progressing instead of taking steps backwards.

On Go Skateboarding Day memories… My favorite memories stem from being home in Kansas City and celebrating the day with my childhood friends who may not skate as much now because they’re caught up with other things in life. But on Go Skateboarding Day, we can all skate together again. Those ones are special for me.

Malto (far right) enjoys a day of skateboarding with Eric Koston and select Nike SB App users.

On the ideal Go Skateboarding Day… My ideal day would be to have all of my friends in one place and skate. I’d mix that with the Go Skateboarding Days that Nike makes possible. Some of the guys who skate with us — Guy Mariano and Eric Koston, for example — are legends who I've looked up to, so it is always special to go skate with them. The perfect Go Skateboarding Day would be to skate with people who I've looked up to in the past and all my friends, all in one spot, barbecue and just have a good time.

On Go Skateboarding Day access… The thing that I have always loved about skateboarding is that it's so accessible. There aren't security guards or a fence or a court that separate professionals from amateurs. It is always just your skill level inside the skate park. That always inspired me to skate with people who were better than me and people who were professionals when I wasn't. And on Go Skateboarding Day, I’m lucky enough to now skate with kids who were once in my shoes. It's nice to give back that way.

Nike SB will host activations around the world on Go Skateboarding Day that aim to inspire and enable the next generation of skateboarders. To keep up with the day, follow @nikesb on Twitter and Instagram, or visit