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Introducing Russell Westbrook's Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.4

Russell Westbrook Why Not Zer0.4 Facetasm Apparel Official Images and Release Date 10

Releasing in the same style as a collaborative apparel collection with Japanese fashion label FACETASM, the Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.4 FACETASM releases globally January 27. (Background illustration by Coin Parking Delivery)

The Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.4, Russell Westbrook's newest signature shoe, proves how the worlds of performance and style don't have to be at odds with each other. In design, one of the introductory colorways connects to Westbrook's collaborative apparel collection with Japanese fashion brand FACETASM. Underfoot, the “Why Not?” Zer0.4 incorporates a double-stacked Zoom Air bag to help improve responsiveness and cushioning during play. For Westbrook, basketball and style aren’t two different communities; they’re one and the same.  

The collaboration with FACETASM has been in the works since Westbrook met designer and founder Hiromichi Ochiai during the point guard’s Asia tours in 2018 and 2019. The footwear and apparel pieces tie back to each other in color and material choices, which mix aggressive blocking, fast angles and a sharp, irreverent attitude.

“We make things from a place of freedom and fun. This latest collaboration is a testament to that way of thinking,” says Ochiai. “We also wanted to create something that people would be moved by, reflecting the spirit of that phrase, ‘Why Not?’”

“My favorite part about this shoe, and this whole collection, is being able to use different fabrics and materials yet still prioritizing the performance of the shoe.”

Russell Westbrook

Westbrook has always had one foot planted in the fashion world (the first shoe under his name, the Westbrook 0 in 2015, was a lifestyle model). His time with Jordan Brand now places him in a web of diverse yet interconnected relationships, including capsules with groups like Opening Ceremony, and now, FACETASM. It shows when an athlete’s family grows into a larger community, encompassing basketball, design, fashion, his hometown, and, always, his wife and kids. They all lend inspiration to Westbrook’s upcoming Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.4 colorways.

What's New With the “Why Not?” Zer0.4

The FACETASM apparel collection applies a green and orange palette to Jordan staples like a track suit, jacket, hoodie and T-shirt. The ribbed detailing across the arm sleeve and the back is characteristically FACETASM. So is the pant, with sateen taping down the sides, which also provides function through the zippered hand pockets. Varied textures like soft french terry on the hoodie and heavy cotton on the graphic T-shirt make every garment an unexpected experience — and an unexpected pairing within the larger collection. The collection embraces a sense of textural surprise that fits with FACETASM’s stylistic attitude. The liner jacket, one of the collection’s key pieces, is reversible, with a fleece material on one side and a nylon, sheen-like material on the other.

Additionally, Westbrook’s annual “Why Not?” apparel redirects his irreverent style into something more playful in the form of graphics. The giant flaming basketball on the back of the fleece hoodie and pants is an ode to the over-the-top artwork on ’90s basketball cards, lionizing the star guards whom Westbrook followed as a kid. The garments all have an oversized feel for a relaxed fit, playing off how certain attitudes can be reached through proportions.

The Jordan “Why Not?” apparel collection releases globally January 14.

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