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MVP: Why Not? 0

“Why not?” That’s the mindset Jordan Brand family member Russell Westbrook uses to approach every game. From his pregame dancing to late-game heroics, that fearless sense of confidence is what led to a historic season, highlighted by breaking the single-season triple-double record and now a well-deserved MVP award.

Zero is the number of individual records that Russell Westbrook sought out to win this year.

Zero is the number of days Russell Westbrook will take off as he prepares for next season. 

Zero, however, is not the number that filled his stat sheet during his record-breaking 2016-17 NBA season. 

Westbrook is now the first Jordan Brand athlete since Michael Jordan in 1998 to win the MVP award.

MVP: Why Not? 1

To honor Westbrook, the brand releases a commemorative “Why Not 0?” spot, Air Jordan XXXI-X-X pack to represent his season averages, and personal letter from Michael Jordan. The spot underscores one of the greatest individual seasons of all time and reaffirms that although zero is the number Westbrook wears on his back, it no longer represents how many MVP trophies he has.

MVP: Why Not? 18
MVP: Why Not? 13
MVP: Why Not? 24
MVP: Why Not? 28
MVP: Why Not? 14
MVP: Why Not? 22
MVP: Why Not? 17

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