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Explore Roger Federer's Melbourne Nike Tennis Shirt

The heat in Melbourne is well documented. Temperatures during the summer’s major tennis tournament can reach into the 100°s (about 37° Celsius). For tennis players such as Roger Federer, this means there’s no shortage of sweat during the city’s hallmark competition.

Sweat, of course, is the enemy of all athletes: It causes apparel to take on moisture and results in both physical and mental distraction through increased weight and cling. Because of the stop-and-go nature of tennis, more moisture is expelled than in an activity of consistent intensity (like running). Thus, tennis equipment must tackle the challenges of sweat saturation and the clothing sticking to the body. Fittingly, Roger Federer’s polo for Melbourne solves this with a design of subdued aesthetic (commensurate with the Swiss legend’s classic style) that’s still packed with new technical details.

This is the anatomy of Federer’s NikeCourt Zonal Cooling RF Advantage Polo:

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