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Rio Olympic Villages: Encantado

Located under the Linha Amarela Bridge, a major avenue that connects Rio’s vibrant western beach neighborhoods to its less-developed north, the Encantado Olympic Village is situated in an urban neighborhood with a passionate community, but limited resources.

This year, as part of Nike’s partnership with the City of Rio de Janeiro to revitalize youth sport programming in the city’s 22 Olympic Villages, Encantado will receive redesigned spaces and structures, including a brand-new dance studio, beach volleyball court and a playground surfaced in Nike Grind, a sustainable material made from recycled athletic shoes and manufacturing scrap.

As part of the initiative, Nike will provide training to staff, who will implement ongoing youth programming, transforming the Village into a dynamic place where kids can be inspired to get active early, for life. Locals will also have the chance to engage with Nike product, equipment and brand activities including Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club, linking kids in Encantado to the larger Vem Junto movement across Rio by offering a range of fun and safe running journeys through their own communities.

Graffiti artist André Lourenço, a.k.a Kajaman, will be in charge of filling an entire wall of Encantado with a monumental mural that reflects the spirit of his city. Kajaman will work with local kids and artists to finalize the mural, which will depict the passions and athletic opportunities of the Village – including skateboarding, basketball, volleyball and football – in vibrant color.

“The idea is to bring inspiration, and invite the youth of Brasil to be more connected to sport,” says Alice Gismonti, Nike’s Director of Community Impact in Brasil. “We want to make sure that the kids of Encantado are not only spectators of the Games, but can also participate in and enjoy sports long after the Olympics have finished.”

To bring additional energy to the Village, Nike store athletes will volunteer to support the Encantado programs and staff. This represents what Gismonti describes as “an extra layer of commitment from our company to the community of Encantado.”

“It's not only about bringing product and equipment, but also bringing the passion of Nike into those spaces,” she emphasizes. “It’s about donating our time, our values and our energy to connect with these communities. As a sports company, that's what we do every day: inspire athletes to play more. We believe that our plan for Encantado and the other Olympic Villages will make the difference.”

The kick off with Encantando will be followed by the Caju, Clara Nunes and Mato Alto Villages, each of which will feature renovated facilities, resources and programming

Visit Encantado on our map to view before and after images of the Village’s Celebration on April 6, 2016

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