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Rio’s Olympic Villages: Legacy In Motion

One year on from the Rio Games of 2016, Nike is taking a moment to spotlight one of its most inspiring initiatives that kicked off during the Rio Games and will continue to move kids in Rio through 2020.

The first of Rio de Janiero’s Olympic Villages opened 25 years ago in the Mangueira neighborhood. Created by the community for the community, the sports center was designed to provide the area, renowned for its samba heritage, with social and recreational opportunities across a wide variety of sports. The breadth of activity inspired the center’s title, Olympic Village, and set in motion a legacy that lives and breathes to this day.  

Currently, there are 22 Olympic Villages in Rio serving roughly 25,000 residents. Many of these villages are situated in the city’s most under-resourced areas, where safety concerns and lack of infrastructure limit mobility, compelling kids to play within a mile of their home and contributing to Brasil’s designation as the home to Latin America’s least active children.

To help combat these issues and inspire a lifelong love of movement, Nike established a five-year partnership with the City of Rio in 2016 to revitalize youth programing in the city’s Olympic Villages — ensuring the next generation of Cariocas has a sustained opportunity to pursue its potential, and inspiring the world to move with them.

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World-renown Brasilian recording artist and actor, Seu Jorge, narrates Rio Olympic Villages: A Legacy in Motion. AFrames Creative edited the film from footage by Sound Images.

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