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Reshaping the ball, reshaping the game

In April 2008, Nike will launch the new Total 90 Omni football at retail. Engineered to set new performance standards for consistency, accuracy and visibility, it’s been tested and proven over two years – in computer simulations, in Nike research labs, and with the world’s best clubs and players.

The Nike Advanced Innovation Team started the development process by seeking a deeper understanding of athletes’ key performance needs, and then it went to work finding new, better ways to meet them.

Consistent Response: Reshaping the Ball, Reshaping the GameNo matter where athletes strike a football’s surface, they expect consistent response and touch. The Total 90 Omni’s new, innovative panel geometry is designed to give them just that. Engineered hexagons and pentagons fit precisely together to create a nearly perfect sphere. The patent-pending design distributes pressure more evenly across panels and all around the ball to create what the engineers are calling a “360-Degree Sweet Spot.” It’s more predictable and more powerful wherever it’s hit. Maybe most important, players say it gives them added confidence when they approach the ball.

Marco Materazzi, a defender for Inter Milan, expressed his enthusiasm for the Total 90 Omni, “It always seemed to do what I wanted. The touch was very soft and the ball went straight when I wanted it to. I feel it is a very good ball!”

True Accuracy: Aerodynamics On TargetNike’s answer to shots and passes that drift off their intended mark is an exclusive, aerodynamic micro-grooved PU casing. It was developed in the wind tunnel, and designed to fly faster and truer to the target.

Enhanced Visibility: Eye on the BallElite football players have to react to a fast-moving ball on a field filled with fast-moving players. To help them make better split-second judgments, Nike introduced performance graphics and color to the game in the original Total 90 Ball. The Total 90 Omni takes the idea to the next level. A new, black asymmetrical band encircling the ball generates a more powerful visual signal as it rotates, providing a quicker read on ball location, spin rate, speed and trajectory from any angle. It’s designed to help athletes make better decisions at top-speed, when the pressure is on.

“Nike strives to improve the game for both elite athletes and everyday football players. The original Total 90 Football pioneered the concept of performance graphics,” Nike’s Football Design Director, Tom De Blasis, said. “Each generation of Total 90 Balls has reset the benchmark, and the Total 90 Omni demonstrates Nike’s pioneering design once again.”

Playing for the GoalTesting with top clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Inter Milan and Valencia helped Nike refine and validate Total 90 Omni performance. All that validation comes to fruition when the Total 90 Omni premiers on the pitch February 6, 2008 for the Croatia vs. Holland, US vs. Mexico and the Korea vs. Turkmenistan games. Players and audiences will then experience the next leap forward in Football innovation.

Many international clubs kick off in spring with the white and black asymmetric color pattern. Look for new, bold colors debuting in leagues in spring in South America & Asia Pacific and in the fall for leagues in Europe.

The Total 90 Omni lands in stores April 1, 2008, and retails for $130 (110 € & ₤65).