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Pumas Home and Away Kits 2016-17

The Pumas Club and the Central Library are essential elements of the culture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Known by the student community as “South Wall,” the library features circles that reference the heliocentric view of Copernicus (everything revolves around the sun) and geocentric theory of Ptolemaic (everything revolves around the Earth), surrounded by the zodiac signs and constellations.

For the new Pumas UNAM home and away kits, Nike drew upon the library's design to reinforce the longstanding connection between the club and its community.

Team forward Lalo Herrera says, “I'm sure the inspiration around the Central Library will reinforce our connection with students,” adding, "It is a very clean design. The team also liked the integrated technology. It feels lighter and fits the body very well.”


FA16_Promo_Comms_Full Body_Pumas_Home



Featuring the Pumas’ signature gold color, the home kit represents the east side of the Central Library. The home jersey places the iconic Pumas image in the place of the sun, surrounded by figures that symbolize the Copernican theory and other representative elements of México, including the Tenochtitlan city map drawn in 1525. The imagery covers the front of the shirt with darker shades of gold on the shoulders.

The sides of the kit have a blue stripe that runs down the sides of shirt and shorts. Expanding when the player is in motion, the stripe maximizes ventilation.

Blue socks, mirroring the accent color of the jersey, accentuate speed.


Inspired by the library’s west side, the away kit integrates the team’s classic blue on the jersey and shorts with graphics related to the Ptolemaic theory and historical representations of the falling eagle image, referring to Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec emperor.

FA16_Promo_Comms_Full Body_Pumas_AWAY



The front of the shirt is covered by the graphics of the Central Library.

Gold socks complete the uniform, and accentuate speed.

The Pumas kits are now available on

Commitment to Sustainability

Nike leverages sustainable innovation for its football kits through the use of recycled polyester, delivering unrivaled performance and lower environmental impact.

The kit’s shirt and shorts are constructed with recycled polyester fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles melted down to produce a fine yarn.

Each kit is made using approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has diverted more than three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester, enough to cover about 5,200 football pitches.

Nike Dri-FIT Technology

Nike Dri-FIT technology, which is included in both home and away kits, draws sweat away from the body to the exterior of the shirts and shorts, where it quickly evaporates. This allows players to perform at their best by remaining cooler, drier and more comfortable.

The laser-cut ventilation holes and mesh panels in key areas of the kit are designed to improve performance by increasing air circulation and helping regulate players’ temperatures.

The shirt is crafted using mesh fabric that makes up the full front and back.