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Powering a Dynamic Digital Fitness Community

Information is motivation

More than 65 million women engage with the Nike brand globally through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. This translates to real engagement and dialogue. Female consumers sent more than a million tweets about Nike in the month spanning September-October 2014, or approximately 1,472 tweets per hour. More than two million women have engaged with Nike Facebook content in those 30 days. And in that same timespan, women have interacted 5.6 million times with Nike Instagram photos.


This digital activity isn’t just talk. It’s also about sweat—and a lot of it. The Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) App for women has been downloaded 16 million times and nine million women have downloaded the Nike+ Running App. Through these apps, Nike is able to digitally connect, coach and motivate female athletes across the globe, as well as gather insights it can turn into inspiration for better products and services. And as the New Year approaches, Nike will introduce new N+TC and Nike+ Running App updates.

N+TC App

The N+TC App is the digital heartbeat of Nike Training Club. It serves as a true personal trainer in the pocket, understanding and motivating its users through features such as customizable workouts and four-week programs.

Beginning in mid-November, the N+TC App will feature dual-screen functionality. Users with Apple TV, Google Chromecast or an HDMI cable will be able to connect their N+TC App programming to a larger screen. This will provide an enhanced workout experience in the comfort of athletes’ homes.

In addition, this November update nearly doubles the number of languages the app is available in. In addition to English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Standard and Traditional Chinese, the app will now be available in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Thai, Korean, Brasilian Portuguese, Turkish, Central American Spanish and South American Spanish.

Later, in January, the N+TC App will update with a new bottom navigation bar for easy access, as well as several new social features. For the first time, a user will be able to stay connected with her Nike+ friends within the app. A news feed will help her stay engaged with both her friends, as well as the broader N+TC App community. For example, after a user shares her completed workout in the app’s news feed, her friends will be able to both “cheer” and click into the workout to try it themselves. The news feed will also house workouts of the week and user-generated photos that can be personalized with data about the workout, such as minutes and estimated NikeFuel earned.

“The N+TC App is connecting our community of athletes like never before,” says Kerri Hoyt-Pack, VP of Brand Marketing, Nike Women. “Women will now be able to communicate with each other through the news feed, from organizing local group workouts to sending encouragement around the world.”

The updated N+TC App will also include a profile feature. This will track a user’s NikeFuel tally, as well as update her on her friends, workout minutes and program progress.

Finally, this spring, the N+TC App will become fully integrated with NikeFuel. For every workout, a user will aggregate estimated NikeFuel, which will now count toward her overall Nike+ total. 

Nike+ Running App

Whether a female runner is prepping for her first 5k or her marathon personal best, the Nike+ Running App is a personalized way for her to train smarter, track and share runs and reach her goals.

The Nike+ Running App will update on the iPhone to include elevation tracking, enhanced heart rate monitoring options and connection to Apple Health.

“The Nike+ Running App’s new features help runners learn more about how and where they run,” said Adam Roth, VP of Brand Marketing, Running. “If knowledge is power, then this power becomes motivation for our running community to run farther, faster and smarter.”

Runners with the upgraded app will first notice the home screen’s new streamlined design, offering a quick-start function for those eager to get going. During the run, athletes can swipe easily from the mileage tracker to change their music or navigate their route on the map.

The Nike+ Running App now uses both GPS technology and – if operating on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, the M8 motion coprocessor – to track elevation during runs. Another new feature is the app’s ability to connect seamlessly with any Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor connected to Apple Health. Now, at the end of a run, athletes can see a snapshot curve of the elevation they covered, their pace and heart rate. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users will also be able to see their NikeFuel and heart rate data aggregated in the Apple Health app.

Physical Events

The power of Nike’s digital fitness community can be seen physically in the form of large-scale events. In 2015, Nike will for the first time host a global Nike Women’s Event Series. This will include both Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) Tour stops and a Nike Women’s Race Series.

In its second year, NTC Tour will expand from three cities to 12. The tour begins March 8 in Shanghai and wraps up in June in Stockholm. Thousands of women are expected to gather to test their limits over five hours of training at each stop. The workouts will be led by some of the world’s leading trainers and will include studio, gym and high intensity exercises.

The Nike Women’s Race Series will bring together the Nike female running community at 20 stops in 2015. Its races range from 5K to half-marathon, with runs taking place in cities such as London, Mexico City, Seoul and Istanbul.  

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