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Paul George Kicks off Nike's Summer Basketball Tours

Paul George traveled to China and the Philippines, igniting Asia's passion for basketball in the 2015 Nike RISE Tour.  Both on and off court, the experience proves basketball culture is a universal language that defies geographic limitations. 

Day 6, Manila, July 21

Filming wraps for a future Rise episode chronicling the journey of the 24 Filipino athletes.
The view from a Manila basketball court representing the Filipino passion and pride for hoops that rests on the city's shoulders.
Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5
On his final day in Manila, George enters a Jeepney on Sheridan Road; the automobile is one of the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.

Day 5, Manila, July 20

The House of Rise court awaits the 24 competitors.
Paul Reginald Jackson takes advice from George at Monday's midday training session.
Fans lineup outside the House of Rise to take in Monday's action.
Rossini Briana Espinas takes the court on Monday for drills.
George completes a television interview with photos of basketball hoops throughout the Philippines in the backdrop.
Jharrel Beltran somersaults past his scrimmage opponents as he's introduced to a packed crowd at the House of Rise.
A young Filipino basketball fan takes in what it means to rise.
Rise players celebrate with George after a spectacular play.

Day 4, Manila, July 19

George prepares for the kickoff of tower ball, a Filipino street ball game unique to this local court.
"Baby dunk" game allows for all ages to participate in the area's Picnic Game.
George greets fans upon his arrival in Manila.
Fans take in the action on Sunday night.
Residents of Tenement Court Taguig participating in the court's popular tower ball game.
2015-07-19 at 10
Local kids from the Western Bicutan barangay neighborhood in Metro Manila gather at Tenement Court Taguig to see Paul George on Sunday.
The sun sets over the Tenement court on a Sunday evening for Manila's fourth annual Picnic Games.

Day 3, Beijing, July 18

Chinese characters spell "RISE" in a traditional fan presented as a gift to George.
Rise athletes pose with PG prior to spending time on the court with him for the final time in Beijing.
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Tie Zixian from Beijing prepares for next training session.
Paul George paired with host Blackie, demonstrating how to create space on offense to Nike Rise finalists.
Xu Wanlu of Shanghai was overcome emotionally when she was selected as one of the 24 Rise finalists.
Jian Zhongxiong of Xi’an is selected as one of the final 24 Rise finalists.
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Song Hao (left), of Qingdao, and Liu JianKun (right), of WeiFang, rest in the locker room after competing.

Day 2, Beijing, July 17

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Paul George arrives for a Tai-Chi session at the iconic Temple of Heaven.
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George practices Tai-Chi with 30 kids from the RISE campaign.
A boy watching the action at Dongdan Court, a popular basketball scene in Beijing.
The Nike CBA 3x3 court with deejay spinning and the festivities wrapping up.
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Athletes compete in the Nike RISE basketball training program to narrow the field from 30 to 24 finalists.
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Lam Luk Wai of Hong Kong participates in the day's competition.
Img 3125
George takes a selfie with his fans at the House of Rising Star to conclude the day.

DAY 1, Beijing, July 16

The first full day for Paul George in Beijing kicks off with a session including lucky athletes and fans at the Nike store in the EC Mall.
As one of basketball's best perimeter defenders, Paul George gives personalized instruction to athletes at Beijing University for a special training session during his second stop of the day.
Camaraderie and teamwork were themes addressed at Beijing University.
Players hone their dribbling during instructional drills that improve ball handling and other fundamental skills.
Yang Tianyou of Taiwan drives to the basket during the early evening training camp.
Thursday's third stop welcomed Paul George to the House of Rising Star court, where he later met with a select group of 30 finalists for the Nike RISE summer initiative.
The first full day of Paul George's visit to Beijing concludes with the RISE finalists posing with the rising star.

Nike will document the travels of George, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant this summer as they travel throughout Greater China, Southeast Asia and Europe to inspire and introduce basketball innovation to the next generation of players.