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Ovechkin Tells The World How He Plays Russian

Today Nike introduces the latest installment of its “Play Russian” campaign, with a 30-second film spotlighting Alexander Ovechkin, of the Russian National Ice Hockey team. As viewers are captivated by Ovechkin’s sheer force on the ice, they learn how the Russian winter motivates him to stay on top of his game. His words aim to inspire and enable athletes at any level to live out their Russian spirit, even when the temperature drops far below zero.

“Winter is my home. When the world shivers, I’m ready to play. This winter froze me until I skated faster. It beat me until I hit harder. It gave me everything and now, it’s time to give back.” – Alexander Ovechkin

Physical, digital and social media activations are central to the “Play Russian” campaign, which aims to inspire movement in the streets of Moscow, and around the country, building momentum around the Winter of Sport. 

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