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Oregon Ducks season opener uniform honors retro-futuristic approach to game

Moments ago the Oregon Ducks, known for the most advanced uniforms Nike has on the football field, kicked off the season in a state-of-the-art Nike Pro Combat Football system. The new aesthetic combines a Kelly Green jersey, Yellow Strike pants, custom chrome Vapor Talon Elite cleats and a yellow helmet -- creating a head-to-toe retro-futuristic look that juxtaposes the Ducks' rich heritage with their forward-thinking approach to every aspect of the game. Through this unique uniform combination, Nike pays homage to Oregon's game-changing methodology, faster style of play, and belief in providing athletes with best-in-class innovation to help them achieve their highest potential.


From the cleats to the base layer, to the gloves and helmet, the Ducks’ uniform represents the pinnacle in game-day innovation for speed. As launched during the Rose Bowl, the latest development of Nike Chain Maille Mesh technology is the ultimate in breathable uniform design. These innovations coupled with durable, lightweight padding provide athletes with a complete on-field suit of armor.

* Eleven different materials in the Nike Pro Combat uniform (jersey and pant), and 16 different materials in the complete system of dress – each to address the specific needs of the athlete in game situations.

* Nike Chain Maille Mesh material incorporated into the back and under the arms in the jersey, as well as down the sides of the pant for exceptional ventilation without sacrificing durability. The new Nike Chain Maille Mesh integration also emphasizes improved thermoregulation, including the Nike Pro Combat Deflex padding layer, which has a baselayer constructed with fabric selected for its ability to help keep the body cool and wick away sweat – making the uniform, and player, lighter and dryer.

* A redesigned base layer that facilitates the uniform’s overall innovation, delivering the ultimate in lightweight protection for maximum speed. The base layer in the pant also features customizable protection that incorporates a thin, incredibly strong carbon fiber plate that can be placed on the thigh padding where needed.

* Strategically placed seams, pads and cooling zones that help minimize distraction and optimize protective coverage. Robust padding, without the bulk, has also been added to offer optimal low-profile impact protection specifically throughout the crucial “hit zone” between the knees and shoulders.

* Nike Pro Combat Deflex padding integrated in the hip and knee areas of the pant for crucial impact protection that stays in place.

* A Flywire collar eliminating two layers of fabric for improved breathability, providing a more stable anchor to keep the jersey in place.

* The uniform wouldn’t be complete without combining these innovations with a nod to the Duck’s evolution, not only in color but also in design. This includes a new wing design on the shoulders specifically engineered to provide maximum strength in the shoulder area while the spacing of the feathers allows for even greater mobility.

* The completely re-designed number system was inspired by the shape of a mallard’s feathers. These larger, bolder numbers maximize legibility on-field and accent the uniform colorway.