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See the Marble Ecodown Jacket Through the Eyes of a Designer

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Circularity means viewing sustainable design as the sum of many deliberate, interconnected choices. Below, Jessica Lomax, Nike Senior Creative Director, Women's Sportswear, shares a few of the core considerations behind making the Nike NSW Marble Ecodown Jacket.

How do you make a down jacket that applies the principles of circular design?
A jacket is a relatively simple object. There are only a few choices you can make that won't compromise a jacket's quality: it has to insulate you from the cold, and it has to be lightweight and durable.

Thinking about this, I ask myself three questions:
1. Can we choose friendlier materials?
2. Can we use patterns or trims differently to cut back on waste?
3. Where do we source common features like zippers? Can we use recycled ones?

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Illustrations by Valentina Azizova

Choosing friendlier materials
We used a 100 percent recycled, transparent polyester shell to help keep plastic out of landfills. We also used 100 percent recycled Thermore Ecodown marble insulation. Because we made the shell and lining fabric out of a semi-sheer repel ripstop, we can still create a durable jacket that helps repel wind and water, and is comfortable to wear.

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Using patterns and trims that cut back on waste
This ties back to efficiency, but with a holistic focus. The jacket has a 90 percent or better marker efficiency. It's a term that measures how economical we are with our larger source material when we create garments. In cutting the patterns, we try to stack the pieces together like a puzzle within the width of the material, as efficiently as possible. This helps keep unused material to a minimum.

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Considering recycled sources for common features
People expect certain things out of a jacket, so how can we repurpose materials typical of those features to help cut back on our environmental impact? We incorporated 78% recycled polyester binding on the sleeves to ensure the jacket does its job: to help keep out chilled air.

We also used 100% recycled polyester on the Nike-branded webbing that highlights the hand pockets.

The Nike Sportswear Marble Ecodown Jacket will be available this fall on the Nike App, and at and select retailers.

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