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Nike's Native American business honored for special programs, product

Nike’s Native American business is getting the nod for its sustainability efforts by SustainAbility, a global strategy consultancy.

In a new report issued by SustainAbility called The Social Intrapreneurs: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers, Nike’s Native American business manager, Sam McCracken, has been recognized as one of a new breed of corporate “intrapreneurs”.

SustainAbility describes intrapreneurs as those people who often work against the corporate status quo to deliver new market solutions, aligning business value with some of the sustainability challenges facing society today.

Sam was invited to attend the report’s launch in London this month, and Nike was one of only three American companies recognized in the report.

Nike’s Vice President for Corporate Responsibility, Hannah Jones, said: “Intrapreneurship at Nike as led by leaders like Sam McCracken is helping us to develop new forms of value that take into account our ability to innovate for a better world. These projects help to create new lines of sight and unveil opportunities for innovation that benefit communities, drive sustainable design and ultimately contribute to social change.”

The report offers the first in-depth look at new players inside major corporations that drive business value while also addressing societal challenges including poverty, human rights and the environment. The group’s exploration of a new breed of “changemaker” is based on interviews with 20 intrapreneurs in leading global companies, including Sam. The Field Guide offers key insights into how intrapreneurs like Nike, approach their work.

Over the last five years, Nike has worked to connect with Native American athletes and promote healthy practices by designing specialized footwear and supporting sports with Native American history like lacrosse. In September 2007, Nike unveiled its Air Native N7 shoe, a unique model resulting from comprehensive development and fit testing in partnership with the Native American community. The performance shoe addresses the specific fit and width requirements for the Native American foot. Learn more.

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