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NikeLab x Pigalle Reinterprets the Look of Street Basketball

For Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool, the 1990s represented a golden era of basketball. Rivalries ran rampant, legends ascended to new heights and dynasties were born. The decade is an important influence on the designer, not just in terms of sport, but also in regards to American fashion. Fittingly, the French style leader’s new NikeLab x Pigalle collection combines his memories of the era and his unbridled passion for basketball. 

The collection reimagines traditional basketball silhouettes through the use of layers, mixed proportions and pop colors. The aesthetic is consistent with how Ashpool has dressed ever since he was a competitive basketball player in his youth.

“As a daily basketball player with Parisian style, I developed very early this idea of an on-court and off-court approach,” Ashpool says. “For example, I was known to play in a chino short with a white tank and some Nike Air Raids. As soon as the game finished, I put back on my shirt and my hat. I could easily spend all day in this outfit. There was no need to change.”

NikeLab x Pigalle
Stéphane Ashpool, NikeLab x Pigalle

The NikeLab x Pigalle collection channels this versatility with a mix of jerseys, reversible shorts, short sleeve hoodies, t-shirts and hats. A consistent graphic element across the offering is a speckled print inspired by basketball’s shot clock.

“The shot clock is a base, but it’s really movement and time passing that are two of my main inspirations,” Ashpool says. “The passing of time combines the present, the future and the past to create something unique and inspiring. I always think of it when I work.”

The nine-piece collection includes the NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux, a basketball icon updated with luxurious materials and a more contemporary shape.

NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux_3
NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux

“The shape is very popular in Europe,” Ashpool says. “I like the idea that the shoes can be worn by a diverse crowd. It’s the perfect transition between on-court and off-court.”

NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux_1
NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux_2
NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux_3

The NikeLab x Pigalle collection is available beginning June 27 at select NikeLab retailers and on

About Pigalle

Designer Stéphane Ashpool is the creative force behind Pigalle, a French style label based in the Paris neighborhood where he was born and raised. The brand mixes fashion, creation and basketball—three elements central to what Ashpool stands for. Once a professional basketball player, Ashpool now coaches youth basketball at the community court he petitioned to build in the Pigalle neighborhood. 

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