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Nike Women Presents: Master Trainer Utah Lee

Nike Women Utah Lee

Over 15 years ago, Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer Utah Lee stumbled into Hong Kong’s newly emerging fitness world. Today, she travels throughout Asia with a simple message: Training is fun and rewarding — and everyone can make time to train.  

“Growing up in Hong Kong, I didn’t experience much fitness and sport,” Lee explains. “But today there’s a movement going on; women are working out and getting healthier and stronger, and it’s catching on. I love bringing something new into the lives of the people I train.” 


Her Evolution

In her youth, Lee loved dance but her studies led to a job in fashion design. She soon discovered, however, that long days in the office left her restless. So when a friend opened one of Hong Kong’s first fitness centers, she made a change, evolving rapidly from gym manager to dance teacher to trainer.

“I was very lucky,” Lee says. “It was essentially the first fitness chain in Hong Kong. People didn’t have any examples to follow. We made our own rules. We wore jeans to teach — we had no idea what was right back then.” 

Lee soon became a certified trainer and traded her jeans for tights and sports bras. As the fitness center and the Chinese fitness movement grew, so did her career. She introduced more and more people to fit living and signed as a Nike trainer. 

“At first people said, ‘Why are you doing this? Why don't you just sit in an office?’” Lee admits. “But there has been a cultural shift in Hong Kong in recent years. People now know that working out is exciting and benefits your mind and body.” 


Her Passions

Nike Women Utah Lee2

As an NTC Master Trainer, Lee runs NTC classes in Hong Kong and mentors younger Nike trainers while serving as a cross-continent fitness ambassador. She is also a jewelry designer and mother of two. 

Lee has found that balancing her passions inspires others to find time for fitness. She helps busy young women in Hong Kong understand that exercise can be a way to relax and center oneself. She encourages women to incorporate wellness into their schedules, be it 20 minutes of high-intensity training or a new hobby. 

“‘Just Do It’ doesn’t just apply to working out and exercise," Lee explains. “It's actually a lifestyle — an attitude.”  


Her Cardio Hustle Workout

Lee’s Cardio Hustle workout debuts September 15 on the NTC App. The 30-minute high-intensity workout strings together a series of quick, full-body movements that build core strength, speed and coordination.  

The workout combines knee runs with fast-paced intervals of body rotations, balance sets and cardio drills. Designed to create lean muscle, improve reaction speed and burn calories, Lee’s workout efficiently incorporates an entire day’s worth of movement.

“It's powerful,” confirms Lee. “I included a lot of footwork, agility and power movements. It’s fast. It keeps you pushing. It's going to be heart pumping.” 

Lee’s Cardio Hustle workout is the final training session in this summer’s Nike+ Training Club 'Find Your Fast' NTC challenge.  To find out more, visit or follow the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App.

To stay in touch with Utah, follow her on Instagram. To shop her look visit, and to motivate your workout listen to her Spotify training playlist


Exclusive Tips From Master Trainer Utah Lee:


•    You don’t have to run ten hours a day and lift 400,000 pounds. Just get active little by little.

•    The city is your playground. I go to the park in Hong Kong and if I see steps, I do toe taps. If I see a table, I do push-ups and triceps dips.

•    I like high-intensity workouts because I’m busy. High-intensity training is compact and well-balanced, with everything back-to-back. 

•    Mixing up my training routine helps me stay balanced. Some days I do yoga and other days I do high-intensity work. It helps keep me motivated.

•    When I look good, I feel good. One thing that motivates me is having awesome new workout gear. I want to wear it, so I have to work out!