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Nike Women Presents: Master Trainer Traci Copeland

Traci Copeland makes the city her playground, inspiring women to run, work out, get fit and have fun, with focus and intent.


Traci Copeland's path to becoming a Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer  was paved by a lifelong love of sport. Today, she synthesizes that passion — her love of gymnastics, dance, yoga and running — into diverse and inspiring workout programs. 

The New York City-based Copeland coordinates NTC events and designs workouts that motivate women to challenge themselves and to strive to achieve higher goals. She also shares her learnings when she travels.

“It's exciting,” she says. “I enjoy seeing results. I enjoy making people sweat. I enjoy watching people grow mentally and physically.”


Her Inspiration

Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Copeland recalls doing workout videos on a towel next to her mom. Additionally, she participated in soccer, competitive gymnastics and collegiate track and field before settling into an office job after graduation. However, her greatest enjoyment remained the evening dance classes she attended. So, despite the risk, she quit her job and pursued dance before becoming certified in yoga, personal training and group fitness.  

“I’ve always loved to move,” she asserts. “I like to keep learning new skills – boxing, contemporary dance, surfing... You name it. For me, it’s about being inspired to find different ways to move my body.” 

Moreover, Copeland’s past life as a competitive athlete continues to influence how she designs workouts. “My training philosophy will always be athlete inspired,” she admits. “My workouts are rooted in the strength, flexibility and power of the athlete.” 

Her Objective

Copeland’s central goal as a trainer is to demonstrate the importance of diversifying exercise and trying new things. She believes that exploring new sports not only improves fitness but also helps to set new goals. Her new NTC workout is inspired by the beneficial potential of yoga for runners. It is designed to improve strength — offering an active way to recover and retain focus. Copeland also sees that the success of the NTC Master Trainer Network lies in the diversity of the group. 

Nike Women Traci Copeland Alex Hipwell
Traci Copeland practices with fellow NTC Master Trainer Alex Hipwell

“We are like superheroes,” she explains. “We have different powers. Together, we’ve been creating some really amazing workouts, programs and events.”


Her Reach and Recharge Workout

Copeland’s Reach and Recharge workout is available August 18 on the NTC App. The 30-minute dynamic workout is perfect for runners. However, all athletes can utilize its energizing flow of yoga-inspired moves designed to sculpt lean muscle, improve balance and build bone density.  

"My NTC workout focuses on strength work, core-building positions and mobility,” explains Copeland. “It also includes some flexibility poses that help improve range of motion and internal focus.”

The Reach and Recharge workout is one of six NTC Master Trainer workouts included in the new "Find Your Fast" NTC challenge. The 12-week program consists of workouts designed to increase speed and strength. To find out more about the challenge, visit or follow the Sport Feed in the NTC App.

To stay in touch with Copeland, follow her on Instagram or Twitter. To shop her look visit To motivate your workout, listen to her Spotify training playlist

Exclusive Tips From Master Trainer Traci Copeland:


•    Always work out with a goal in mind. Don't just take yoga to take yoga. Do you want to do a handstand? Do you want to learn an inversion or arm balance?

•    Train with an open mind and flexibility. If you're doing high-intensity training all of the time, try mixing in yoga or dance to challenge yourself. Don't be afraid to be a beginner. Try going snowboarding for the weekend and not touching a dumbbell. 

•    Question why you do each exercise. Why am I doing this squat jump? Why am I doing these Russian twists? It will help you meet your goals.

•    Anything is possible. You just have to go in with the right mentality.