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Nike Women Presents: Master Trainer Flor Beckmann

Flor Beckmann has been working out and imparting training tips since childhood. Now a NTC Master Trainer, she turns up the intensity in her first NTC App workout. 

Nike Women Flor Beckmann1

By the time she was 10 years old,  Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer Flor Beckmann was dishing out workout tips. Her expertise was honed during gym sessions with her mom, who brought Beckmann and her brother with her while she trained, instilling in them a profound love of fitness. 

“My mom is who I look up to,” Beckmann declares. “That is why I love sharing fitness with the world and why I take care of my body. My mom — on average — ran a marathon every year after I was born. She’s amazing!”  

Moreover, the elder Beckmann’s persistent dedication inspired her daughter to pursue her passion, even after leaving home. 

“I would go to the gym early in the mornings when I was in high school. I love the feeling of being in control of my body and self-esteem. When I got to college, I wanted to influence other girls to stay active and healthy; that’s when I became a fitness and cycling instructor,” Beckmann explains. “I was naturally in the trainer mentality.” 


Her Motivation

Born in Texas and raised in Mexico, Beckmann spent her childhood moving, due to her father’s work. The constant change was challenging, but it taught her to welcome new people and ideas, ultimately helping shape the trainer she is today. 

“I can relate to and connect with anybody I train,” Beckmann admits. “I am very understanding. I can help people reach their goals without ever making them do things they absolutely hate.” 

On her way to discovering her professional path, Beckmann attended university in Austin, Texas. Soon after graduation, she partnered with Nike as a trainer. Today, she teaches Nike+ Training Club (NTC) classes in Texas and abroad, and trains with other Nike trainers. 

“I get to do what I love: spread a passion for exercise, teach women that being strong is beautiful and to be confident in their own skin,” she affirms “When I travel, I am so inspired by the women I work with; it is a chain of inspiration.” 

This fall, Beckmann will extend the chain with her first NTC App workout.


Flor Beckmann’s Quick Hit Workout on NTC

Beckmann’s Quick HIT workout debuts September 1 on the NTC App. The 19-minute high-intensity training session introduces a series of lunges, planks, jumps and push-ups designed to build balance, core power and endurance. 

Nike Women Flor Beckmann2

“This workout has a lot of agility drills and coordination drills – drills that play with your brain,” says Beckmann. “It’s not just about getting your body ready; it’s about working on your mindset. You have to train your body with your brain.” 

The Quick HIT workout is part of the new 12-week Nike+ Training Club "Find Your Fast" NTC Challenge that launched in July. To find out more about the challenge, visit or follow the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App.

To stay in touch with Beckmann, follow her on Instagram. To shop her look, visit To motivate your workout, listen to her Spotify training playlist.


Exclusive Tips From Nike Master Trainer Flor Beckmann


•    Aim for a balanced workout that includes all six core moves: lunge, pull, rotate, hinge, push and squat.

•    Change one thing a month, whether it’s eating cleaner, adding more workouts to your week, drinking more water or getting more sleep. Changing everything at once is not sustainable, whereas if you do one thing at a time you change your lifestyle and mentality.

•    High-intensity interval training is extremely efficient. It’s hard, but in 20 or 30 minutes it’s done.

•    Don’t be afraid to pick up a dumbbell that is heavier than 10 pounds. It’s a great way to progressively build strength. 

•    It’s essential to exercise correctly. Being an NTC Master Trainer has given me the power to educate young women about proper lifting technique, high-intensity workouts and recovery.