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Nike Women Presents: Master Trainer Alex Hipwell

Hipwell’s unconventional training journey began with dance and evolved to figure athlete competitions. She combines the two in a dance-inspired NTC workout.

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The oldest picture on Alex Hipwell’s longstanding vision board is a faded cutout of two legendary female figure athletes. The board has evolved, but the women continue to inspire her personal and professional goals: to love her body and to help others do the same. This mission has taken Hipwell around the world. 

Today, as a Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Master Trainer, Hipwell leads workouts that highlight strength, balance and burn. Her message is simple: Find your passion and go after it. 

“I feel passion resonate throughout me when I teach on stage and get goose bumps doing burpees. That’s how I know it’s my dream,” she explains. 


Her Vision

Growing up in Australia, Hipwell fell in love with dancing. She earned a degree in musical theater and performing arts in Melbourne and began choreographing and dancing worldwide. Despite her success, she felt a true passion for fitness and soon the faded figure athletes pictured on her vision board spurred her towards her dream. 

In fact, one of the world champions from the board became her coach and trainer. Hipwell quickly began winning figure athlete competitions on national and international levels. She started eating well, gaining muscle and appreciating her gym time. She then became a certified personal trainer, partnering with Nike to inspire more women.  

“For the first time, I can look in the mirror and say that I love myself,” she declares. “As a dancer, I felt pressure to conform to being skinny to get the next job or to fit into a costume. Now, I actually look in the mirror and I love my body.”


Her Journey

Hipwell’s journey to a place of self-love, however, was arduous. Some have criticized her focus on strength, calling her bulky, manly and unappealing as a women’s trainer. Hipwell responds with conviction and positivity, encouraging girls to accept who they are.

“It’s not the sport; it's my chosen journey,” she asserts. “Training, to me, isn’t striving to have a perfect body. It's how you want to feel.” 

As a NTC Master Trainer, Hipwell teaches at the NTC studio in Berlin, trains other Nike trainers and participates in Nike events that engage thousands of women across Europe. Last year, she also began hosting “Train Like a Girl with Alex,”  a weekend of NTC workouts, goal setting workshops and nutritional advice. 

“I’ve found that girls now increasingly want to see results,” she explains. “They don’t want to be skinny; they want to be strong, with muscles. They are with me.” 


Her Barre Strength Workout

Hipwell’s Barre Strength workout is available on the NTC App. The 25-minute training session cultivates the strength and elegance Hipwell requires as a trainer and dancer.  

NTC’s first-ever barre-style workout incorporates a series of leg extensions, plié squats, side lunges and planks. The graceful, yet challenging interval session is designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone whilst also providing a cardio workout. 

“I’m very proud of this workout. It’s not easy,” she admits. “It combines all of my favorite exercises from my one-hour class and covers the entire body as well as I could in 12 moves. I always push myself through it and think, ‘Oh wow. My bum!’”

Hipwell’s Barre Stength workout is part of the 12-week Nike+ Training Club "Find Your Fast" NTC challenge that launched in July. To find out more about the challenge, visit or follow the Nike Sport Feed in the NTC App. 

To stay in touch with Alex, follow her on Instagram or Twitter. To shop her look, visit or to motivate your workout, listen to her Spotify training playlist




Exclusive Tips From Master Trainer Alex Hipwell:


•    Find your own goal — don’t focus on the girl next to you. She has a completely different height, shape, everything… Determine your own body vision.

•    You can really connect with people on a digital level. I can check Instagram for workout videos and pictures. It strengthens my connection to the fitness community and pushes my workouts to the next level.

•    Warming up is extremely important, especially opening your hips. Try the Total Body Warm-Up in the NTC App.

•    What is your goal? Why are you training? If you just want to feel good, then that’s your goal.