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Nike Women México Opens in Mexico City

Nike Women México

“Stereotypes of women in México are breaking down. Within my training community, I see women — friends, mothers, wives — very disciplined, extremely focused, setting and achieving goals,” says Ingrid Drexel, Mexican cyclist. “It’s empowering to see this movement of strong and fit women in México.” 

Nike Women México supports this growing community with a five-floor facility offering myriad services and unique experiences. The one-of-a-kind studio debuts August 11 at Oslo 10, Colonia Juarez, in the heart of México City and builds upon the NTC Tour’s April stop in the capital, which engaged 6,500 women in a range of activities, including mega training sessions, run clubs and 21k races.

"Nike Women México provides athletes with access to our flagship Nike+ services, including NRC and NTC services,” explains Sofía Holden, Nike México​, Women’s Brand Manager. “We provide the best so they can become their best.” 

Nike Women México
Nike Women México
Nike Women México

The invite-only facility serves México City athletes with state-of-the-art spaces and equipment, as well as Nike+ Running and Nike+ Training Club live experiences. Day passes are available for Nike+ members. Additionally, each woman is encouraged to take on new challenges and set new goals, no matter her fitness or skill levels, via guidance from experts, like Nike trainer Ariadna Gómez. 

Nike Women México
Nike trainer Ariadna Gómez leads a NTC session at Nike Women México.

Between workouts, studio members can do bra fittings, shop the newest Nike collections or bring their Nike footwear to the sneaker bar for maintenance and cleaning. After training, they can relax on the studio’s terrace, schedule a massage or rehydrate at the juice bar, which is run through a local business partnership and offers regional products. Wi-Fi is also provided throughout the space to allow members to share and celebrate achievements via Nike+ Apps and other social media. Additionally, members can print Instagram photos and post them in the space. 

Nike Women México
Nike Women México

Overall, the studio acts as a structural representation of both Nike and México City. Its walls feature works by Lourdes Villagomez and Paola Delfín, two local artists who created images inspired by indigenous artistic traditions as well as the beauty and intensity of Mexican women and female culture. The walls also feature images of standout local athletes, including racquetball player Paola Longoria, heptathlete Jessamyn Sauceda and medal-winning divers Alejandra Orozco and Paola Espinosa.

To learn more about women’s fitness at Nike and #betterforit, visit  

Exclusive Insights from Nike Trainer Ariadna Gómez:

•    I’ve practiced martial arts, karate and skateboarding. The diversity of sports is great because it trains different parts of your body. Also, switching up the routine is fun!

•    I tell all the athletes I train that if they have discipline, they will get better.

•    Working out is as much exercising and fine tuning your body as it is flexing your mental muscles; training helps with both the mental and physical aspects.

•    Keep an open mind when it comings to training. Don’t walk away from doing something just because you don’t know how to do it. Tap tools like the NTC App, live trainers and coaches, and your community for help.