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Nike Vapor Untouchable Cleat Merges Speed, Strength and Sustainability

To celebrate the first ever College Football Playoff and the pursuit of the College Football Playoff ring, Nike is launching its most innovative football cleat to date. Coming in a striking “championship diamond ring”-inspired color, the Nike Vapor Untouchable is also the first Flyknit cleat made with recycled polyester yarn – each pair is knit with the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles.

As football evolves and becomes faster, athletes demand a more dynamic and explosive cleat. The Nike Vapor Untouchable features a lightweight Flyknit upper combining the mobility of a low-cut cleat with the support of a mid-cut version. This advanced upper creates a second-skin feeling engineered for strength and durability. It has greater sensation of movement and interaction with the ground – a specific requirement for athletes who need to accelerate, turn and cut with only split-second notice.

Recycled Polyester Flyknit

The use of Flyknit made from recycled polyester yarn in the cleat upper continues Nike’s commitment to deliver high-performance athletic footwear and apparel with minimal environmental impact. Flyknit is an efficient technology that knits shoe uppers precisely engineered for zoned strength and support, while reducing waste in the manufacturing process. Since 2010, Nike has diverted the equivalent of more than two billion plastic bottles from landfills through the use of recycled polyester, enough to cover more than 4,600 football fields.

The Flyknit upper works in concert with Nike Flywire, a Nike Skin overlay and the Carbon V-Plate to provide a completely engineered support system for the foot. Nike Flywire is woven directly into the upper and spreads from the toe to ankle for 360 degree support. A protective Nike Skin overlay also works with the Flyknit to increase protection, strength and durability on the field.




Proven on the field at every level, the Carbon V-Plate debuted earlier this year as the culmination of intense athlete-driven research into football-specific speed. The plate provides incredible strength and support while helping the athlete explode off the line. It was the first plate inspired by, and developed from, Nike’s 3-D printing and testing facilities—accelerating development and testing timelines, pushing faster innovation and supporting faster athletes.

“The Nike Vapor Untouchable pushes the limits of speed on the field, and leverages the power of sustainable innovation to reduce environmental impact off the field,” said Ken Link, Nike Football Cleated Design Director. “Over the past 18 months, we gathered deep athlete insights and tested this cleat at every level. Athletes have told us that this cleat feels like an extension of the foot – allowing them the speed they need with freedom of movement unlike anything else they’ve tried.”

Just as athletes are never finished in their training and preparation for the game, Nike is never finished when it comes to innovating and creating product to help them achieve their highest potential. To that end, Nike designers went through more than 70 iterations before satisfied with the final version of the Vapor Untouchable.


HO14_NFB_NCAA_Vapor_Group5_CFP Order

The Nike Vapor Untouchable will be seen on all four College Football Playoff teams, as well as other Nike teams throughout the bowl season. The cleats are available for purchase on