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Nike Unveils Futuro Tee Collection Crafted Entirely in Brasil

Designed to celebrate the vibrant culture of Brasil and the passion of its people, Nike today announced the Futuro Tee Collection – made entirely in Brasil, by Brasilians.  

Each step in crafting the limited edition T-shirt took place in Brasil, from the farm where the cotton was grown to the facility that printed each shirt with inspired designs by local artists: assume vivid astro focus (AVAF), Fernando Chamarelli and Bruno Novelli (Bruno 9Li). 

A portion of the funds from the Futuro Tee collection supports the Bola Pra Frente Institute (BPF) in creating social change through football. Nike has worked with BPF to reach 15,500 children since 2006, providing before- and after-school access to sport and delivering education support through the language of football.

Design by assume vivid astro focus, Rio De Janeiro

The design by AVAF duo Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson is inspired by the beautiful flow of football and energy of one of the most creative and explosive moves in the game: the bicycle kick.

“I was transposing this amazing energy you usually find in a fantastic soccer match—the way people play with each other and against each other,” said Sudbrack. “There’s a lot of focus—in that regard, that’s what I wanted to transpose to the T-shirt: this explosion of energy—when you reach the goal, or you do an amazing kick, like the bicycle kick.”

Design by Fernando Chamarelli, Florianopolis

Chamarelli’s design is a reflection of Brasilians’ creativity and optimism. The color green echoes the Brasilian flag and the lively, organic lines reflect the rich natural beauty of the country.

“I especially wanted to communicate the creativity of Brasilians, our spirit to overcome our difficulties and play football – a different way to see the world,” said Chamarelli.

Design by Bruno Novelli, São Paulo

Novelli manifests the power of the moment in a football match with dynamic and vibrant forms that create the phrase “Marca o teu agora,” which translates to, “Score yours now.”

“During the game all people involved, athletes and fans, are intensely connected to the moment,” said Novelli. “The past and the future don’t matter during the game – but the moment that’s happening does.”

Futuro Hand Tee

As part of the collection, Nike is also releasing the Futuro Hand Tee. The design is composed of a variety of shapes that come together to form one iconic graphic, representing the collaboration and craftsmanship that made the entire Futuro Tee collection possible.

The Futuro Tee Collection will be available June 26 at and at select retail stores worldwide.