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Sport and Music Come Together at the First Ever Nike Training Club Live Festival

On the 7th July, Nike and Katy B collaborated for an exclusive event, bringing together sport and music in the first event of its kind. The Nike Training Club Live Festival celebrated the hard work and dedication of girls around the UK who had taken part in the NTC Live challenge, and rewarded them with performances from Katy B, NTC Live Classes, guest DJs, one-to-one training sessions and massages. In addition to this performance and nutritional advice from the very best Nike experts was also available.

To win a ticket to this unique festival, girls were challenged to earn minutes either through attending NTC Classes or by training with the NTC App. NTC Classes took place across the UK and attending girls were issued with an NTC points card, which was swiped by their Nike Master Trainer at the end of each session. Those working out in their own time using the NTC App just needed to sync their minutes at the end of each workout to ensure every minute counted towards their NTC Live Festival total. So whether training outdoors with a group at NTC Classes or working out at home using the NTC App everyone aimed to #makeitcount with NTC Live.

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