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Nike Launches New NTC Workout Programs

It’s about to get a lot easier to find the workouts you need to get you closer to your training goals with the launch of Nike Training Club (NTC) Collections. These packaged workouts geared toward specific performance or body-part-focused results are now available in the app.

After listening directly to NTC member behavior and feedback, Nike determined most-wanted workouts. For example, (and this likely comes as no surprise) abs-related workouts are consistently popular. Additionally, many mentioned being curious about building lean muscle but not knowing how to approach strength training, or that they had the desire to begin working out but didn’t know where to start.

The need for core-strengthening, strength-building and beginner-friendly programming was clear. So, NTC experts worked with Nike Master Trainers to group workouts that could help make these goals reality.  

A look at the first three Collections


The first four workouts included in this eight-workout Collection are equipment-free routines aimed at strengthening and conditioning the core through exercises such as straight-leg bicycles, crab toe touches and side-plank knee drives. The final four workouts pair ab strengtheners with calorie-burning movements, like plank saws and drop squats (these are also all bodyweight exercises, but some drills require open space). Each workout lasts 15 to 30 minutes.


Six 15- to 29-minute workouts make up this Collection. The first two use bodyweight movements, including push-up, squat and lunge variations. Together, these workouts develop shoulder, back, chest, arm, core, hip and leg strength to improve functional strength and stability. The third and fourth workouts are also equipment-free. These focus on plyometric (explosive jumping) exercises, such as burpees and split jumps, to increase intensity and calorie burn while boosting allover strength. The final two routines add weighted movements, including kettlebell swings, front squats and deadlifts, and incorporate different rep schemes, such as a ladder. These are best to do at a gym, as you’ll need access to dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell, pull-up bar and suspension trainer.


This Collection makes it easy to start your training journey by providing grounding in training fundamentals. Users start with two equipment-free workouts that improve movement quality and build endurance and stability through moves like airplanes, dead bugs and dynamic lunges. From there, you can dabble in different workout types with four routines that introduce yoga, mobility and strength exercises (some bodyweight, some with dumbbells) to give you an idea of the scope of a well-rounded program. These are short; each takes just 15-20 minutes to complete.

Most workouts can be scaled for beginner to advanced levels and each Collection can be adapted to any lifestyle. For examples on how to make this work best for you, follow this advice from Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director for Performance with Nike Training Club.

  • There are ways to regress or progress every exercise to make it appropriate for your level and goals. If you’re doing a weighted exercise, you can use a heavier or lighter weight than what’s suggested; if you’re doing a bodyweight move, you can increase or decrease your pace or the number of sets or reps to add or lower intensity.
  • Get creative with equipment so you never have to skip a move. If a dumbbell is all you have, sub it in for a kettlebell or barbell. Or if you’re home, use a heavy household item (Flaherty says he has used everything from milk cartons to a bag of dog food) in place of a traditional weight.
  • Combine Collections (smartly!) to increase payoff. Focus on different muscle groups on different days (most muscles require 48-72 hours between workouts to recover and rebuild stronger). You could do a workout from Get Strong to Get Toned on Mondays and Thursdays, then one from Get Leaner, Stronger Abs on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Or you could double down and tack on an abs workout to a beginner or strength workout.
  • Keep your muscles guessing to see progress faster. Try doing one workout from a Collection one day, and then the next workout a few days later. For the following week, you could repeat those workouts or move on to the third — just make sure if you do the same workout more than two weeks in a row you progress the weight or intensity so your results don't stall.

Each Collection also features expert tips that cover nutrition, recovery, sleep and mindfulness advice related to that Collection’s particular goal. For example, one tip in the Learn the Basics Collection suggests recording each workout and meal to truly gauge progression and success; a tip in the Get Leaner, Stronger Abs Collection suggests eating fats can help you uncover leaner abs. (Currently, individual workouts on the app only feature advice on the workout itself.)

To round out a 360-degree approach to a holistic fitness journey, Collections also include product recommendations specific to the workouts and types of movements. For example, the ab-focused Collection features the Nike Power Hyper Women's Training Tight, which has a waistband that’s tilted up in the back for ample coverage during bending, curling and rotational ab moves.

The Get Leaner, Stronger Abs, Get Strong to Get Toned and Learn the Basics Collections are available now for NTC users (with the 5.9 version of the app) globally on both iOS and Android. New Collections will continue to roll out in the future, beginning with two more this summer.