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U.S. Soccer Stars Headline the N+TC 90-Day Better For It Challenge

As soccer’s most important tournament approaches, three U.S. Women’s National Team members will debut soccer-inspired Fitness Diary workouts as part of the Nike+ Training Club 90-Day Better For It Challenge. The challenge combines workouts from the popular Nike+ Training Club App and Nike+ Running App into a complete fitness program designed to increase endurance, build strength and get athletes of any level fitter, faster.

The program’s name comes from Nike’s call to action to athletes to be “better for it” by taking on goals and workouts outside their comfort zone because they know they’ll be better on the other side. The N+TC 90-Day Better For It Challenge encourages and motivates athletes in their own “better for it” personal challenges.

Christen Press's Goal Getter Workout

The featured athletes – Christen Press, Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd – will each launch an N+TC App workout for the first time. Press, a striker, will kick off the program on April 2 with her workout, Christen Press’s Goal Getter Workout, followed by Krieger in May and Lloyd in June.

“My workout includes drills for strength, mobility and stability, which are all really important for the explosive movements my position requires,” Press says. “I’m putting in a lot of work training right now so when the tournament arrives, I’m at the top of my game and can enjoy the moment.”

Press’s workout focuses on endurance and sculpting. Drills such as Lateral Forward Jumps and Side Plank with Forward Backward Touches develop the strength and agility needed for athletes of all levels. Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins designed the workout.

“Christen’s workout has a lot of variety for a well-balanced workout,” Hutchins says “The drills strengthen the body and help improve functional quickness and agility, so it’s a great way to kick off the N+TC 90-Day Better For It Challenge.”

While Press, Krieger and Lloyd prepare for this summer’s tournament, athletes of all levels can work toward their own fitness goals by completing the full 90-day program. Athletes can get started with Emily Hutchins’ Total Body Warm-Up, which includes dynamic and yoga-inspired stretches, and then power through weekly programming.

Mondays will include the featured athlete’s N+TC workout – a great weekly benchmark for tracking progress – and the rest of the week will mix in running, training and recovery days, utilizing both the N+TC App and Nike+ Running App. Every Thursday the program offers a “throw down” challenge aimed to inspire athletes to push their limits to new levels. The program is available on