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The full spectrum of sport performance

Imagine asking Rory McIlroy’s exercise physiologist Steve McGregor how you can transform your golf game the same way the World’s No. 1 golfer has over the past few years. Or getting a tutorial on the right strength training to increase speed from Ryan Flaherty who helps train many of the NFL’s rising stars.

Nike Training introduces the Trainer’s Hub, a new mobile experience to do all of that and more at

Nike Training has assembled a global network of elite trainers, including trainers and exercise physiologists that work with the best athletes in the world. They are the experts in a vast array of sport disciplines and represent the full spectrum of performance. Through these world-class experts are available to help every athlete reach their peak physical potential.


Connect with the Trainers

Nike Training has created countless ways to connect with the network. Leverage their minds to push your body to the edges of athleticism. 


Training Stories

Get an inside look at what Nike’s elite trainers are doing around the globe including how they train world-class athletes and teams. Follow @NikeTraining to be the first to know when new stories are published to the feed.


Ask the Trainers

Gain personal insight by asking your training questions. Nike Training will find the right trainer in the network to answer it.


Trainer Chat

Connect with featured trainers in real-time through Twitter. Follow @NikeTraining to join the conversation.

A Nike+ login is all that is required to begin exploring how Nike’s elite trainers can help athletes reach their peak physical potential. 

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