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Nike Total 90 Ascente Hi-Vis ball returns

The High-Visibility ball returns to the football pitch for every English Premier League (EPL), Italian Serie A and Spanish Liga do Futbol Profesional (LFP) games during the winter months.

The Nike Total90 Ascente Hi-Vis ball will be used in every game played in these leagues during the darker winter months (3rd November – 23rd Feb in England, 3rd November – 2nd Feb in Spain and from 4th November in Italy). In addition, the ball will also be used in games played by Nike partner clubs in other leagues throughout Europe.

By working with specialist vision scientists, Nike has been able to identify the exact colours that are most visible to the human eye. The colours used on the ball – hi-vis yellow and floodlight purple – give standout colour by providing extreme contrast to the viewing background which helps players locate and track the ball.

The Hi-Vis ball features a bold and unique contrast pattern making it easier for players to judge direction and speed.

The visual design is complemented by the ball’s physical properties. Nike patented Geo technology and an outer coating with aerodynamic properties make the Total90 Ascente one the fastest and most accurate balls ever made. A pattern of microscopic grooves etched in the ball’s casing assures accuracy and reduce deviation, whilst a high strength webbing support layer heightens durability.